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Rivethead refers to people that are fans or performers of industrial music, which is influenced by electro-industrial, electronic body music, and industrial rock music.[1]


Rivetheads think that music should be progressive and reflect the technological age we currently live in. They think that mainstream music tends to latch on to current trends or create superficial nostalgia.[2]


The rivethead scene is remotely related but not directly connected to the industrial music culture. Industrial music is a genre of experimental and avant-garde music, intertwined with graphical visualization (mostly with disturbing graphical content). The absence of conventional song structures, such as rhythm and melody, is a main characteristic of the genre, whereas the music preferred by the rivethead scene includes several danceable and song-oriented styles that are sometimes considered "post-industrial". Like post-punk, the term post-industrial describes a musical genre that developed distinctly from its roots and turned into several strands of sound, namely electro-industrial, electronic body music, and industrial rock, often referred to as industrial dance music. Those styles differ from traditional industrial music regarding aesthetics, sound, and production techniques.


  • Chemlab
  • Marilyn Manson
  • Ministry
  • Nine Inch Nails
  • Powerman 5000
  • Rammstein
  • Skinny Puppy


Rivethead fashion is heavily inspired by Military fashion.


  • Tops: Black, grey, or olive tank tops, plain t-shirts, band shirts, sleeveless shirts (sometimes with the sleeves ripped off), tie-dye crinkle or burst pattern shirts; black leather jackets (frequently painted with band logos), and MA-1 flight jackets.
  • Pants: Cargo and BDU paratrooper pants, ripped jeans, vintage shorts, often but not always black or Woodland camouflage; usually tucked into boots, rolled at the bottom, cuffs or worn as cut-off shorts. Black leather pants and bondage pants are sometimes worn.
  • Footwear: Combat boots, steel-toe boots, or low shoes, such as Dr. Martens, Gripfasts, Grinders, and Underground shoes.
  • Hair: Partially shaved (undercut), flattop, Mohawk, or completely shaved. Sometimes long hair in combination with undercut or dreadlocks.
  • Accessories: Teashades and Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses. Battle Dress Uniform-style or military belts; bracelets and dog tags; fingerless leather gloves; sometimes jewelry that incorporates industrial elements such as nails, screws, and cogs. Suspenders, or "braces", normally worn hanging off trousers or shorts.
  • Body modification: Primarily piercings and tattoos.


Rivetgirls may dress along with the femme fatale look: sexuality as power. Kim X, the co-founder of California-based music label COP International, compared the female rivethead attitude to the Riot grrrl movement.

  • Tops: Fetish wear, such as black PVC and leather corsages. May also wear military wear such as tank tops.
  • Pants: Miniskirts, fishnet stockings. May also wear paratrooper pants.
  • Footwear: Ankle-deep or knee-high stiletto heel boots, Dr. Martens low boots. May also wear combat boots.
  • Hair: Often dyed hair (black, sometimes red or blonde) that is long, short, spiked, partially shaved (see Maria Azevedo of Battery and Yone Dudas of Decoded Feedback) or dreadlocked (see Anna Christine of Luxt).
  • Accessories
  • Body modification: Mild usage of makeup, piercings.