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The following article contains and discusses content that may be distressing to some readers.
Reason for Warning: This aesthetic contains gory content and grotesque imagery, as well as inappropiate topics like cannibalism, suicide and/or violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Revcore (in Bulgarian: ревcore, roughly translating to "Roarcore") is an aesthetic based around the combination of gore and stickmen characters. This aesthetic is characterized by its depiction of graphic and explicit scenes involving stick figures, often showing blood, dismemberment, or other forms of extreme violence, as well as Grotesque imagery.

The aesthetic became a meme in 2021 when various Instagram and Tumblr users started making memes out of these gory illustrations, starting a meme format called "Stick Figure Violence" according to KnowYourMeme[1]. Revcore also gained a fanbase on the 4chan forums, especially when it started being used on some offensive memes.

The aesthetic itself rose up in 2021, but it is inspired by older "brutalist" meme templates from the 2010s. The exact origin of the term "ревcore" is not known, but it is thought to come from the name of a Roblox shirt named "рев"[2] which translates to "roar" in Bulgarian (possibly describing the violent nature of the aesthetic).


The visuals of Revcore typically involve stickmen fighting each other in macabre ways, and gory imagery including blood, blood splatters, and even organs in some more disturbing examples of the aesthetic. The aesthetic is also known for mimicking older meme formats, like ragecomics. Because of this, Revcore memes often involve pixelated or compressed imagery. The general appeal of Revcore mainly comes from its disturbingly macabre yet "unoffensive" nature, because the characters depicted in the memes are just stickmen rather than actual people.


Video Games[]

  • Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2
  • Die in Style
  • Whack The Burglars
  • Whack Your Neighbour
  • Whack The Creeps
  • Whack Your Boss
  • Roblox (Specifically Blood Engine and Blood Euphoria)