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The Reefwave visual aesthetic is essentially a different way of viewing Nautical; instead of focusing what the ocean is like from on land, collecting shells and walking on the beach, Reefwave focuses more on the ocean itself - in particular (but by no means exclusively), on the way water and waves affect the way light falls underwater. Reefwave's primary colors are various shades of blue and green, ranging out to yellow or purple in some examples (though not both at once). Its imagery depicts coral reefs, sea life, aquariums and nature.

Because much of Reefwave centers around the way light behaves, its aesthetics pop up often in video games, where refraction is a fairly common way to display the power of a game's graphics engine.


Music that could be considered "Reefwave" includes:

  • Deef's "Nostalgia of an Ex-Gangsta-Rapper" and "Mhh Mh"
  • Tipper's "Dreamsters" and "Dreamsters VIP"
  • KOAN Sound's "Viridian Dream", "Jongmyo" and "The Zulla" (possibly the best example of Reefwave music out there)
  • Lemon demon`s "The ocean"

Other media

Film that could be considered "Reefwave" includes:

  • Ponyo
  • Finding Nemo
  • some sections of Life of Pi
  • The Blue Planet

Games that incorporate elements of Reefwave include:

  • Minecraft (with shaders specifically)
  • ABZU
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • Subnautica