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Red Academia is an academia aesthetic that revolves around the pursuit of knowledge through reading, writing and research. It is ideologically similar to its other Academia counterparts, but follows a distinctly red and gold color scheme, giving it a more lavish and luxurious effect in comparison to its counterparts because of this. It's visually reminiscent of the aesthetic of Gryffindor from Harry Potter.


(Please can someone else fill in this section? My fashion knowledge is extremely limited so I'd appreciate if someone with a bit more of an understanding of fashion took this bit up instead. Thanks! ^^)

Red Academia showcases a more royal version of other Academia styles. It has a very high class look to it, which in turn its fashion inheritances.


Tops are usually button ups or sweaters.

  • Red sweaters
  • Ornate blouses
  • Red button ups


Bottoms in most academias are always formal dress pants.

  • Dress pants (most notably in the color red)
  • Red Skirts

Outer wear[]

  • Tweed jackets
  • Red overcoats


Dresses are often worn as layering pieces, such as with school uniforms, but can include romantic ballgowns.

  • Red ball gowns
  • Red sleeveless dresses


Shoes are almost always preppy.

  • Mary-Janes



  • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronté
  • Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling


Classical and Neoclassical[]

  • Valse Sentimentale by Tchaikovsky
  • Nocturne op.9 No.2 by Chopin
  • All my joy, all my pain by Fabrizio Paterlini
  • Vivaldi Variation (Arr. for Piano from Concerto for Strings in G Minor, RV 156) by Florian Christl
  • Nocturne No.1 In B Flat Minor, Op.9 No.1 by Chopin
  • The French Library by Franz Gordon
  • La Campanella by Paganini
  • Lacrimosa by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Zoetrope by Joep Beving
  • Leo by Ludovico Einaudi
  • Three Pieces from Schindler's List by John Williams
  • Curtain by Dario Marianelli
  • The Beggar by Franz Gordon


  • Letting Go (album) by soho
  • 5:32pm by The Deli
  • Glare by Saito

1920s - 1940s[]

  • Goodnight, My Beautiful by Russ Morgan and His Orchestra
  • Say It Isn't So by Turner Layton and Clarence Johnston



  • Theatre
  • Painting
  • Sketching
  • Writing
  • Poetry
  • Playing a musical instrument


  • Theatres
  • Art galleries
  • Museums
  • Castles
  • Historical buildings