Ravencore is an aesthetic influenced by Goblincore and Cottagecore. Ravencore is a nature-centered aesthetic, taking inspiration from ravens themselves. In nature, ravens generally prefer undisturbed mountainous or forested areas over urban areas (unlike crows); feed on scavenged carrion, small invertebrates, and insects; gather in groups; and are known to hoard shiny objects. Ravencore is built around these basic principles.

Members of Ravencore often collect rocks, minerals, crystals, moss, candles, bones/skulls, insects, and other natural "trinkets". Oftentimes, the aesthetic centers around friendship with wild corvids and a broad respect for nature.

Ravens, followers of the ravencore aesthetic, are often very prideful of their collection and enjoy displaying and sharing it with others.

This style embraces misty, mossy, shaded forests. If you are looking for a grittier, muddier, and brighter aesthetic you may want to consider Goblincore.

Hoard Content

Ravens often collect

  • Bones (sometimes teeth)
  • Skulls
  • Crystals
  • Trinkets (odds and ends)
  • Rustic books
  • Jars
  • Houseplants
  • Candles

What Brings Joy

Followers of the ravencore aesthetic are often at peace when surrounded by nature. Mossy forests, mountains, ferns and mushrooms, slow-trickling creeks, twinkling of stars at night, and the soft glow of fireflies are all commonly calming themes within the aesthetic.

Members are also often comforted by old books, mossy stone houses, and spending time with fellow ravens. Gardening and caring for plants or animals is also a common theme within the aesthetic.


The aesthetic is very inclusive, with groups striving to ensure that everyone is welcome. While the aesthetic is not a movement, it often rejects the normal roles of society and its members can be seen working against injustice and towards equality.


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