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[DISCLAIMER: this article is not a joke. this is a real aesthetic that some people enjoy, thank you.]

Originating on social media apps like Tumblr and Instagram in the late 2010s , Ratcore tends to intersect with other aesthetics such as Goblincore, Pigeoncore and Bastardcore. Many Ratcore photos are of people's pet rats or edited stock photos. Ratcore tends to have a "creepy-cute" aspect to it. This especially is prominent when visuals have soft colors, cute imagery, glitter, etc, as throughout history rats have been associated with disease, filth, and death. Sometimes Ratcore is portrayed as having a very chaotic aspect to it because of the "rabidness" and wilderness of the small animal.


A brown rat stood on two legs. They are dressed up as the pope, the word "Dorime" is displayed in front of them.

"Rato Dorime"

Ratcore is often associated with memes and reaction images. Though the aesthetic's followers and participants are rat enthusiasts, the aesthetic does often have a tongue in cheek element. Memes featured in Ratcore may include Rats, we're rats; we're the rats and Rato Dorime.

Ratcore visuals depict rats, often edited with cutesy overlays and stickers.


Activities include:

  • playing with rats
  • going to buy rats
  • happily cuddling your rats
  • watching tv
  • eating cheese
  • browsing twitter
  • sleeping
  • listening to your rats squeak <3
  • reading books about rats


[Fashion that is typically deemed ratcore often has rat designs and patterns so keep that in mind when shopping for ratcore fashion]

Fashion may include:

  • graphic T-shirts
  • pajamas
  • bath robes
  • jeans
  • rat carrier (with rat inside)
  • bucket hats

where to find it?

stores that carry ratcore fashion include:

  • etsy
  • depop
  • redbubble

Gallery <3