The Rainy Day aesthetic is based of rainy weather, as well as stormy or foggy weather. Its associated feelings are feeling calm or relaxed. This aesthetic often appeals to introverted people. It is also known as the ‘Pluviophile’ aesthetic, which means ‘someone who loves/takes comfort in rain’.


The visuals are usually photography based on rain, which could be pictures of raindrops on windows, streetlights reflecting of asphalt, Nimbus or nimbostratus clouds, fog, lightning, raindrops in puddles or other pools of water, etc. They can also be of books and hot drinks, similar to comfy and autumnal aesthetics, wherein someone is staying inside because of the weather. Alternatively there is also people in the rain as part of the aesthetic, which would either be of someone decked out in waterproof gear, umbrellas, and boots, or it would be someone wearing as minimal clothing as possible, and feeling the rain, dancing or rain-bathing.


Rainy day clothing includes

  • waterproof coats, especially yellow raincoats
  • umbrellas
  • wellies
  • boots
  • jeans
  • t-shirt and shorts outfit



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