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Reason for Warning: This article contains images and videos with bright and contrasting colors as well as flashing and changing lights.

Rainbowcore is an aesthetic focused on rainbows. It has much overlap with Scene, Glowwave, Old Web, Holosexual, Kidcore, and Decora.


Rainbowcore visuals can either focus on the rainbow as a whole or one specific color of the rainbow:

For more information on how to properly utilize these colors, see Color Theory.

On top of the standard 7-color rainbow, Rainbowcore visuals can also include iridescent, photochromatic, or thermochromatic color shifting.

  • Iridescent: Iridescent pigments can shift through, at least 2 different colors in the same pigment, but it is possible to shift through all of the colors of the rainbow at different times, as opposed to Holographic, which shows off the rainbow of colors all at once, even in colored pigments.
  • Photochromatic: Photochromatic pigments change color when exposed to light of some kind (be it regular sunlight or blacklight. However, for UV Photochromatic-reactive items, the color has to change under blacklight, not simply glow)
  • Thermochromatic: Thermochromatic pigments change color between different temperatures.

However, this doesn't include Holographic or UV-Reactive/Glow in the Dark effects. This particular flavor of Rainbowcore visuals work best when shown off in a format that shows off motion, such as GIFs or movies, to get the full effect. There are examples of crystals, cars, and even food that can utilize the effect, but to simply look at a still image, while it can get the idea of color-shifting across, it's not ideal for the full effect. The best example of this in nature is the Chameleon, which will change colors to show its internal body temperature or mood (contrary to popular belief, chameleons don't change their appearance to blend into their surrounds; all one has to do is look at the many brightly-colored chameleons out there to know that this belief is absolute nonsense), though other animals that can achieve this effect include the octopus.


Rainbowcore fashion is very colorful and vibrant, almost like you're wearing a rainbow. It is popularly used in a lot of fashion items, especially with clothing tied to Seapunk, Slimepunk, Icepunk, Vaporwave, Milleniwave, and Y2K Futurism aesthetics due to their favoring of bright and vivid colors. One such example of this in action is a Thermochromatic pigment that leads to a "Mood Ring" effect; while it's typically reserved for the titular fashion accessory, some people can utilize the crystals used to make the "mood ring" effect and apply it to shoes and other clothing items to create a truly unique look (and one YouTube channel, DipYourCar, has even taken this a step further and applied this to a car). If one doesn't want to buy pre-made items, it is possible to find the pigments online and use them on DIY fashion projects as a form of dye.


This particular aesthetic has been popular across internet culture for some time; many of the most popular content include car wraps, culinary art pieces, abstract videos that are designed to look like a digital kaleidoscope of sorts.


  • The Head Candy Video Kaleidoscope series (though it's not recommended to view this if you are prone to epileptic seizures)

Video Games[]

  • Mario Kart (Rainbow Road)
  • Rainbow Friends (Roblox)


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