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Racaille (French, originally means "scum") are a type of french gangster that wears a Lacoste cap, usually tight jeans or sweatpants.

This term refers to a despicable group, often the poorest part of the population. For some, a sense of socio-economic, for others a more socio-cultural, the definition referring to "a mass of despicable" does not recognize individual distinction, its use is invariable in the singular, feminine: "La racaille" ; sometimes coupled with a partitif: "de la racaille". "Racaille" generally means the publicized fringes of society, with the intelligence, motives and numerous privileges for the castes thus denoting them.

Nowadays, the Racailles can also be called « Lacoste TN ».


Clothes related to the racaille aesthetic include:

  • tracksuits
  • bum bags
  • satchels cross-body style
  • phones on chains
  • caps
  • bucket hats
  • handies
  • pants tucked in socks
  • Nike TN sneakers


  • Listening to french rap music
  • Smoking the hookah
  • Flexing about money, expensive things or womans
  • Selling drugs
  • Watching football (soccer)
  • Speaks very loudly at the back of the bus