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Proto-Flat Web (abbreviated as P-Flat Web) is a design aesthetic characterized by minimalistic cartoon design and little color variations, being used in Flash Player browser games, animations and websites during the 1990s and 2000s. One example of this aesthetic is the early Newgrounds animations/games.

The aesthetic's name represents the period of when YouTube and other Flash websites did not use HTML5 Flat Design entirely, until the 2010s or later.


Proto-Flat Web use variable strokes, simple colors, basic gradients and low quality cartoon animations. However, it should not be confused with Flat Design, Superflat Pop or Frutiger Metro, since they do not really use Flash and each one have a few differences. But it does not mean the aesthetic is featured in every Flash Player game, animation or anything related, it can be only found in mid-late 90s or early-mid 2000s websites.


Proto-Flat Douga[]

Proto-Flat Douga (or Flash Douga, FLASH動画 in Japanese) is related to the Flash Player videos/animations in .swf file format, originated from the Futaba Channel and 2Channel Japanese forums during the early 2000s. Proto-Flat Douga use the same description as Proto-Flat Web, but it does not use gradients at all and it use smooth animation.

Proto-Flat GFX[]

As the name suggests, Proto-Flat GFX use graphics for making animations (JPEG and PNG specifically), it can be images taken on-line or video-game sprites (images used as frames for character animations/actions). Nevertheless it should use gradients and shapes.