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What is Printcore?

Printcore exemple.

Printcore is an aesthetic based mainly on natural elements, mainly plains, with almost nothing, but with human

Example of Printcore taken on BR-453, Brazil.

traces, such as streets (usually

The Windows XP wallpaper "Bliss" is a great example of Printcore.

paved), signs or farms.


As stated earlier, Printcore is mostly made up of plains, with human tracks, like streets.

The sky is rarely cloudy, at most with some clouds, it can be either in the morning or in the middle of the day, rarely in the afternoon.

A feature of Printcore is that the sun (or rarely, the moon) almost never appears, only the sky and clouds. there are few trees and may own large farms or houses.


The vibe that Printcore brings is almost always one of technological advancement and a sustainable world, both energetically and environmentally.

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