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Post-Rock is a genre of music which, unlike regular rock music, does not focus on riffs, lyrics and melody, as but much more on drones, harmonies, sound texture and evocating the feeling that it's the end of the world but it's also okay because Some Mysterious Grand Light is coming to save us all from ourselves. That's what post-rock is about. Bands often have long names and even longer songs with dark, apocalyptic, but also cathartic moods. This genre of music usually has no lyrics, but lyrics can be used to evoke a symbolic and darker meaning when further investigated.

Important bands in the genre include:

  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  • Slint
  • Sigur Rós
  • Explosions in the Sky
  • Mogwai
  • God Is An Astronaut
  • Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
  • Set Fire To Flames
  • Esmerine

Here are some example songs from the genre.

  • Your Hand in Mine by Explosions in the Sky
  • Good Morning, Captain by Slint
  • Ágætis byrjun by Sigur Rós (both the album and the song)
  • Take Me Somewhere Nice by Mogwai

The Post-rock aesthetic

Post-rock aesthetics seem similar to Goth and Emo. Beyond their melancholic, downbeat nature, and their preference for black, these similarities are however superficial. As a rule, Emo and Goth are more angsty and depressed, while Post-rock is more cathartic and submissive.

Post-rock visual and musical aesthetic often focuses on evoking a feeling that is both apocalyptic yet reassuring at once, both soul-crushing yet liberating.