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Post-Ironic Memes are a meme aesthetic that is currently popular, approximately from 2019 to present, essentially consisting of post-irony, edgy memes, absurdism, nostalgia and overused formats. Some examples of Post-Ironic memes include: Amogus, Gigachad or Trollge. At its core, they're memes in which you can't tell whether the poster really agrees with what they're saying or not. The aesthetic's main motifs include scribbled black and white drawings, bait-and-switch formats, excessive references to certain pieces of media, offensive memes or nostalgic memes attempting to recreate the Rage Meme Era.

The Post-Irony Meme Era may be slowly coming to an end, especially due to the rise of short video content, which made memes quickly diversify and make the audience's sensibilities change in little to no time. Being one of the shortest meme eras, it was preceded by the "Surreal Era" (which includes of Deep Fried Memes and Surreal Memes) and succeded by the ironic Gen Alpha Brainrot memes, although some may debate they are both the most popular meme genres at the moment.


  • Rio De Janeiro (Instagram filter)
  • Papyrus font
  • popular 2000s/2010s ringtones
  • Hood Irony phrases (vro, freaky, ahh)



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Post-Ironic Memes don't rely on any traditional humor method[1], instead, it relies on Post-Irony and sometimes Meta-Irony.


Goofy Ahh[]

Goofy Ahh (literally meaning "goofy ass" in AAVE[2]) was a slang term that was used in early 2022 to describe anything perceived as "goofy" or "silly"[3]. This led to an explosion of memes on TikTok using the African-American Vernacular[2] term (often labeled as "Gen Z slang"), memes involving games like Subway Surfers or Talking Ben, YouTubers such as iShowSpeed, early 2010s default ringtones labelled as "Goofy Ahh sounds", and icons such as Quandale Dingle and "Goofy Ahh Productions".

Deep TikTok[]

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  • "Are ya winning, son?"
  • "Cover Yourself in Oil"
  • "Get out of my head"
  • "Slander" meme formats
  • "The One Piece is Real"
  • "Wait, is it all x? Always has been."
  • "When the impostor is sus!"
  • "You're my little Pogchamp, come here"
  • 21st Century Humor
  • Absurd, edgy humor, overused blingees, homages to Grażynacore artstyle; Xpiritualism
  • Amogus
  • Andrew Tate
  • Arabfunny
  • Baller
  • Coffin dance
  • Coaxed Into a Snafu generalizations
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • E-Girls
  • Edgy (honest) skeleton memes ("Yes mom, I [x]!")
  • Fake Pride flags (such as Dreamsexual, MAP, etc.)
  • Feralcore, WordArts nostalgia and satiric usage of them ("I love when I poop myself" and similar statements)
  • Ghost from Call of Duty
  • Gigachad
  • Henry Stickmin's distraction dance
  • Ice Age Baby
  • Jerma
  • Josh Hutcherson Whistle
  • juan.
  • Making fun of kids on Instagram Reel comment sections
  • Memes involving Breaking Bad
  • Memes involving Squid Game
  • Memes involving a Doomer mindset
  • Memes involving the Chinese Communist Party and "social credit"
  • Mystical tree
  • Perverted humor (eg: Zone Ankha)
  • Peter Griffin from Family Guy
  • Poggers
  • Reaction GIFs
  • Robert Downey Jr.'s Comments
  • Sigma males
  • Soundalikes; pointers (red circles)
  • Smoking On That X Pack
  • TBH creature; revcore
  • The Man Behind the Slaughter from FNAF
  • Trollge
  • Violent Vincent
  • Wojaks; Cobsoncore
  • YandereDev Discord server ban speedruns ("Consume the c*m chalice")

Video Games[]

  • Among Us
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Fall Guys
  • Henry Stickmin
  • Subway Surfers
  • Talking Ben


Some songs that were popular among Post-Ironic Memes include: