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Poppare (literally "Pop Fan") is a Swedish youth subculture heavily influenced by Britpop music and the British Mod movement from the 60s. However, it is also closely related to the fanbase of the Indie Rock and Shoegaze genres, but above all, the band Broder Daniel and Henrik Berggren[1]. The subculture is almost exclusive to Sweden, although it has a few followers in other Nordic countries such as Finland or Denmark and even the city of Paris[2]. Its popularity was at its peak during the decade of the 90s, and it later went through a nostalgic revival during 2005 to the late 2000s. Sometimes it's lightheartedly described as "what Emos would've looked like in the 60s"[3]

The fashion styles associated with the Poppare subculture are Panda Poppare or BDpopare (named after the fanbase of Broder Daniel), which is characterized by its greyscale colour palette and dark makeup, and Glitter Poppare, which uses brighter colours and shares some similarities with Decora, although the outfits aren't as overloaded. There's also Håkan Poppare, with striped shirts, shorts, hats and suspenders. One of the most defining features of all the styles are its Mod influences, such as big, teased and smooth A-line bob hairstyles[4].


Although the exact origins of Poppare cannot be pinpointed, it was most certainly rooted in the aesthetics that many Swedish Indie Rock musicians had during the decade of the 1990s. Such examples are the elegant, yet sad and dark aesthetic of the musician Henrik Berggen, or bands like Broder Daniel. It especially reached a revival in the mid and late 2000s, with many followers of the subculture on social media. However, nowadays the Poppare subculture remains almost exclusive to Sweden and it has largely declined. This was likely a result of how there wasn't much unity inside the community (some members even disliked each other) and because of the stereotypical mysanthropic attitude[5]. However, the style mainly remains active through social media blogs on websites such as Tumblr.


Panda Poppare[]

Panda Poppare or BDpopare is the most popular fashion style inside the Poppare subculture and mainly includes black and white colours, hence why it's named after panda bears. They usually wear a style heavily influenced by 60s fashion (Mods in particular), tight skirts, panda-themed hairstyles and dark smokey makeup, stars under the eyes, Broder Daniel merch (hence the name BDpopare), blouses, pullovers, ties, shirts, Peter Pan collars and black chinos, or Dr. Martens shoes. The hair tends to be dyed black or pastel blonde. On Swedish social media, greyscale imagery is also really prevalent.

Glitter Poppare[]

The Glitter Poppare style is characterized by brighter colours. They often dress in a colour palette that is reminiscent of young children, such as pink, pastels or rainbow. Other common features are childish elements like magical wands, tiaras, princess dresses, leg warmers, Converse shoes, fairy wings and and very colorful clothing. Homemade pearl bracelets and pearl necklaces are also very prevalent. It has some influences from Japanese fashion styles such as Decora and Fairy Kei, although it's less maximalistic. However, the Glitter Poppare style has fully disappeared from Swedish popular culture.

Håkan Poppare[]

The Håkan Poppare style, which is named after the fanbase of the musician Håkan Hellström, is characterized by tight downpipes with suspenders, Breton striped shirts, inspiration from sailors and marine life, or large t-shirts and preferably a hat on their head. Lasse Lindh and Timo Räisänen are other prominent musicians.


Some activities associated with the Poppare subculture include:

  • Drinking wine
  • Staying at home
  • Smoking
  • Listening to Indie Rock


Musical Artists[]

  • Bob Hund
  • Broder Daniel
  • Detektivbyrån
  • Florence Valentin
  • Franz Ferdinand
  • Håkan Hellström
  • Henrik Berggren
  • Joy Division
  • Kent
  • Kristian Anttila
  • Mando Diao
  • Laakso
  • Lasse Lindh
  • Markus Krunegård
  • Morrissey
  • Morrissey Solo
  • The Cure
  • The Smiths
  • Timo Räisänen


Panda Poppare

Glitter Poppare

Håkan Poppare