Plant Mom is centered around having plants and plant-related accessories. The same goes for the accounts that they have. They raise various plants (mostly flowers and succulents) as if they were their own biological children.


Usually pictures of their plants, sometimes paired with items such as books and essential oils.


As depicted in the image, Plant Mom fashion has a hipster type theme and does share some aesthetic cues with the Art Hoe, but the theme puts less focus on the art aspect and focuses more on a deep care for nature and raising plants in a motherly fashion. They may wear sweaters with jeans and sneakers. Outside of that particular aspect of the Plant Mom, it can relate to the rules of the Art Hoe and easily cross over into the aesthetic.

They enjoy colors like yellows, greens, dusty roses, and mustards.




Melanie Martinez

Harry Styles

Conan Gray

Rex Orange County



Tessa Violet



Grunge Plant Mom

Grunge Plant Mom is an aesthetic that combines the grunge aesthetic with plant mom. It involves more cacti plants and grayed down backgrounds. This aesthetic keeps the plant mom motifs and values.


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