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A Pink Pilates Princess is defined on Urban Dictionary as "a girl who spends her time working out, making green juices and smoothies and chugs green tea every night" In short, the Pink Pilates Princess aesthetic is a girlier version of the That Girl aesthetic; featuring elements of the Pink Parisian, 2014 Tumblr Girly, Pinterest Coquette , Balletcore and the VS angel aesthetics. There is great emphasis placed on one's wellness journey, pulling it off in a head to toe model off-duty, yet still hyper-feminine look.[1]


The roots of this aesthetic are said to lie in noughties fashion. [1] The arrival of Frankie's Bikinis: Pilates Princess collection, launched this niche aesthetic into the fame. The inspirations behind the collection was clear as it has been described to “infuse ballet fashion with trendy athleisure to create functional and feminine apparel for your everyday lifestyle–whether you’re working out, running errands, or lounging around.” ([2] This collection included a variety of pastel pink pieces, workout gear and razorback dresses.[3]

Similarly to the That Girl aesthetic, there is a big focus on the lifestyles of upper middle class thin white girls.


  • plush oversized pullovers
  • uggs
  • leggings
  • pink+white athleisure[4]
  • silver jewellery
  • leg warmers
  • sneakers (white, especially dad sneakers)
  • silk pink pyjama sets[5]


  • watching Vogue Beauty secrets videos
  • meditating
  • working out
  • reading self-help books
  • listening to Lana Del Rey
  • skincare routine