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Pigeoncore is an aesthetic surrounding the theme or hoarding and nature but includes that of birds (most notably, pigeons). Themed around softer aspects of hoarding, collecting, cooking, and other goblincore essentials, focuses on the softer curiosity rather than the goblin-ey nature. Can be considered a combination of goblincore, cottagecore, and bird-based aesthetics.


"A combination of both iridescent light colors, with gray and black. It is made up of city aesthetics but is also similar to dark academia and New Romantics with heavy use of statues, fountains, museums, and libraries. Other qualities associated with this aesthetic is curiosity, freshly baked bread, and letters or messages ala a carrier pigeon."[1]


A large aspect of Pigeoncore is reclaiming the once-prominent love of pigeons.

"Hate of pigeons didn’t start until the 20th Century. Before that was about 9,900 years of loving them. The rock pigeon was domesticated 10,000 years ago... Pigeons were the first domesticated bird and they were an all-around animal even though they were later bred into more specialised varieties. They were small but had a high feed conversion rate, in other words it didn’t cost a whole lot of money or space to keep and they provided a steady and reliable source of protein as eggs or meat.

They home, so you could take them with you and then release them from wherever you were and they’d pretty reliably make their way back. Pigeons are actually among the fastest flyers and they can home over some incredible distances (what fantastic navigators!). They were an incredibly important line of communication for multiple civilisations in human history. In the first ever Olympics, pigeons were delivering that news around the Known World at the time.

Their ability to breed any time of year regardless of temperature or photoperiod was due to humans, back when people, who couldn’t afford fancier animals, could keep a pair or two for meat/eggs. Rooftop pigeon keeping isn’t new, it’s been around for centuries and is/was important to a whole variety of cultures. Pigeons live with humans in cities because we put them there, we made them into city birds.

They have been intelligence tested extensively as laboratory animals ... because they aren’t stupid. The majority of reasons pigeons are so ubiquitous is a direct result of human interference. People haven’t always hated pigeons though, Darwin’s pigeon chapter in The Origin of Species took so much of the spotlight that publishers at the time wanted him to make the book ONLY about pigeons and to hell with the rest because Victorians were obsessed with pigeons.

For millenia, we loved pigeons. We loved them so much we took them everywhere with us and shaped them into a bird very well adapted for living alongside us. It’s only been very recently that we decided we hated them." [Slightly edited for length/clarity] [2]