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Pig in Jacuzzicore (Ukrainian: Свиня В Джакузі) is a meme aesthetic originating from Ukraine. This aesthetic resembles Cleancore and Weirdcore in motifs.


The GIF depicts a pig in a bath pleasantly doing bubbles with its snout.

Pig In Bubble Bath originated during the 2023 Russian invasion of Ukraine in the messenger app Telegram. As Telegram has become a source of rapid news on the topic of bombings, it has turned into a space of constant debate on the topic of truth of certain information. Over time, Ukrainian users developed slang and began trends connected to pork as a reclamation of slurs and stereotypes applied to their culture.

Currently, pork-themed slang and imagery is used in a sarcastic manner on the Ukrainian side of Telegram. For example, the word нахрюк (roughly translating to oink) means "fake news" or "fake information". The Pig In Bubble Bath GIF is often sent as a response in conversations as a sign of negligence towards the opinions of one's opponents. Occasionally, imagery of the pig in a bubble bath is followed by these emojis: 🐷🐽🐖🫧💦💧🛁🧼.

Another connected piece of imagery connected to the aesthetic is Pig-Carp (Швайнокарась), a photoshopped image of a crucian carp with a face of a pig that has become an unofficial mascot of the Ukrainian Telegram community.


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