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Petcore is an aesthetic that's focused on pets - mostly dogs and cats but also including rats, hamsters, horses, rabbits, birds, and fish. Sometimes farm animals may be included. This aesthetic can be focused on nostalgia, but not inherently. Imagery in petcore is usually more playful, and often similar to Kidcore. More than actual animals, kemonomimi characters from anime(such as cat-girls and puppy-boys, for example) are associated with this aesthetic.

The aesthetic(especially the more kawaii side of it) is often associated with both the sexual and non-sexual pet play communities, especially as a sister to the Babygirl aesthetic.

Because of the nature of Petcore, it tends to overlap with various communities, such as the Furry community (especially when it comes to art) and Otherkin, therianthropy, animal-hearted, and other alterhuman subcultures, although most people in the Petcore community are not furries nor do they identify as animals.

Although it is called petcore, exotic animals can fall under this aesthetic too, such as wolves, foxes, and big cats(which are not included in the neko aesthetic), for example.

It is important to note that Petcore has nothing to do with bestiality(sexual acts on animals) and/or attraction towards animals. Animal abuse of any kind is not acceptable within this community.


Puppy board

An example of some things associated with petcore.

Petcore can sometimes include pictures of pets, but also anything related to pets. Petcore can be any color and it can depend on the represented pet, for example things with dogs are usually bright with the most common color being blue or other primary colors, but cats are usually associated with white or pink.


  • Paw prints
  • Dog bones
  • Animal fur prints(such as cow or tiger prints)
  • Characters from pet-focused media
  • Virtual pets
  • People and/or anime characters with animal ears
  • Collars, often with bows or bells


  • Collars
  • Ear headbands
  • Pet toys
    • Chew toys
    • Squeakies
    • Tennis balls
    • Mice toys
  • Stuffed animals
  • Pet treats or pet food
    • Dog bones
    • Kibble
  • Pet blankets
  • Pet beds
  • Leashes
  • Drinking bowls
  • Hamster homes
  • Bird cages
  • Terrariums
  • Fish bowls
  • Aquarium decorations

Note about pet safety[]

Things which can be harmful to certain pets is sometimes included in petcore. This includes small fish bowls which don't include enough space for any fish or hamster wheels/balls which can be dangerous for hamsters. While petcore can be focused on nostalgia and the idealistic appeal of these things, it's still worth noting that these can be dangerous for the pets they apply to.


  • Animal shelters
  • Doggy daycares
  • Dog parks
  • Cozy bedrooms
  • Backyards



Collars are very common in petcore.

The most notable aspect of petcore fashion are collars. Usually collars meant for big or medium dogs can be worn safely by human forms, and sometimes these include tags or keychains. They’re are also plenty of chokers(or even bondage collars) made for humans which resemble pet collars, and that are often more comfortable then dog collars.

Aside from collars, other types of fashion might include:

  • Tails
  • Pet tags
  • Bandanas
  • Bows
  • Paw socks or gloves
  • Ear headbands
  • Fursuit or fursuit parts (i.e. head, paws)


Because of the association with pet play, some aspects of petcore may be more activity focused. Examples of activity included in petcore includes:

  • Playing outside
  • Exploring
  • Playing with anything you can get your hands on
  • Making vocalizations (i.e. barking, meowing, chirping)
  • Eating human food which mimics pet food(goldfish, bone shaped cookies, etc)
  • Walking on all fours or crawling
  • Cuddling with your partner/being pet by them
  • Playing with real pets
  • Being walked on a leash(for the more kinky)



Ratcore is a creepy-cute subtype of Petcore that features images of rats. It can be similar to Cutegore.


Puppycore is the Kawaii, Babycore like version of Petcore. Although it is mainly associated with puppies, all baby animals/pets can be associated with this subtype.


The Neko aesthetic, which overlaps with the Babygirl and Egirl/Kawaii Gamer aesthetics, is based off of Neko-girls(/people) from anime, aka characters that have the ears and sometimes tail of a cat and are often(but not always)sexualized, making this the most sexual of all the subtypes.


  • Derek by Animal Collective
  • Louise the Lab Rat by The Living Tombstone
  • Meow Meow by Simon the Magpie
  • Nekomimi Switch by daniwellP
  • Pocket Crocodile by Kero Kero Bonito
  • Cats by The Living Tombstone
  • Animal by DECO*27


  • Man's Best Friend by Cavetown
  • The Much Much How How and I by Cosmo Sheldrake



  • 101 Dalmatians by Dodie Smith
  • Catwings by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
  • Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O'Brien
  • Survivors by Erin Hunter
  • Warriors by Erin Hunter

TV Shows[]

  • Blue's Clues
  • Bluey
  • Chi's Sweet Home
  • Chibimaru (shorts)
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog
  • 101 Dalmatian Street
  • Dog with a Blog
  • Gabby's Dollhouse
  • Hamtaro
  • Happy Happy Clover
  • Housebroken
  • Krypto the Superdog
  • Littlest Pet Shop (2012 show)
  • Littlest Pet Shop: A World Of Our Own
  • Mighty Mike
  • My Little Pony
  • The Naughty Naughty Pets
  • Pound Puppies
  • Puppy Dog Pals
  • Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville
  • Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat
  • Snoopy
  • SuperKitties
  • The Adventures of Spot
  • Too Cute!
  • Underdog
  • Wonder Pets
  • Woozle and Pip


  • 101 Dalmatians
  • Air Bud
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven
  • The Aristocats
  • Babe
  • Because of Winn-Dixie
  • Beethoven
  • Bolt
  • Hotel for Dogs
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Oliver and Company
  • Pets
  • Pup Star
  • Wishbone
  • The Secret Life of Pets
  • DC League of Super-Pets


  • Animal Crossing
  • Animal Jam
  • Any pet care Flash game
  • Nintendogs
  • Petz
  • Pet Rescue Saga
  • Viva Piñata
  • Webkinz
  • Wobbledogs


  • Aibo
  • Beanie Babies
  • Beanie Boos
  • Build a Bear
  • Club Petz (IMC Toys)
  • furReal
  • Jellycat
  • Little Live Pets
  • Littlest Pet Shop
  • My Little Pony
  • Puppy in My Pocket
  • Kitty in My Pocket
  • Tamagotchi
  • Webkinz
  • Vip Pets
  • Zoomer (Robot Pet Toys)