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Pastel Punk is a term used to describe the style of stereotypical punk things (chains, spikes, combat boots, etc.) but in, or combined with, soft pastel colours. People who fit the aesthetic often dye their hair like regular punks as well, but opt for more pastel shades than electric dyes.

Some pastel punks do not hold the anti-capitalism, anti-corruption and pro-community attitude and views of regular punks, but plenty do. The pastel punks who hold those beliefs and have a love of the same punk music are often just regular punks who prefer pastel colors.

Pastel Punk is incredibly similar to Pastel Goth, as they both take the original style and add more pastel colors to it to match what they feel comfortable in. They may also have slightly different music taste than the more 'edgy' or dark version of their aesthetic due to their softer nature.


The fashion of Pastel Punk mixes the elements of Pastel and Punk. Pastel Punk typically includes:

  • Pastel-coloured leather jackets
  • Spiked chokers and jackets
  • Chains
  • Pins and/or buttons
  • Body modifications (ex. piercings or tattoos)
  • Traditionally feminine accessories (ex. lace, bows, flowers)
  • Pastel-coloured combat boots
  • Dyed hair (usually pink or multi-coloured)
  • Psychedelic visuals
  • Pastel or cutesy-looking weapons