Pastel Goth (not to be confused with Gurokawa, Nu-Goth, or Soft Grunge) is a fashion and aesthetic that originated on Tumblr in late 2010. The fashion entails taking the basic elements of dark goth style and mixing it with pastel colors.

Reccuring Aesthetic Themes

  • Inverted crosses
  • Skeletons and bones
  • Kawaii offensive text and kawaii pixels
  • Mean Girls quotes
  • Shaking food gifs
  • Gradients
  • Dripping things (like dripping fonts, dripping leggings, etc)
  • Bats
  • The yin yang symbol
  • Pastels

Common Fashion Elements

  • Pastel Hair (for example: soft mint green, flamingo pink, light turquoise, salmon red, baby blue, and lavender)
    • In some cases, hair color can be split into two different colors
    • Wigs in same colors as above
  • Leg garters
  • Fishnets
  • Platform sneakers, Doc Martens, Chuck Taylors, or doll-inspired shoes
  • Button up shirts and blouses
  • Spiked Headbands
  • Creepers
  • Pastel pullovers
  • Anything made by creepyyeha
  • Spiked chokers
  • Black lipstick or pastel lipstick
  • Eyeball-patterned, black, or pastel bows
  • Corsets in dark and baby pinks and purples
  • Skull leggings or pre-torn stockings
  • Black snapbacks or bonnets
  • Flower headbands


Many pastel goth images and graphics espouse individualism. Blogging is often accompanied by a cute, personalized pastel background. Pastel goth bloggers are usually teenage girls that take a lot of pride in their individual lifestyles, blogs as well as their wardrobe.



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