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The following article contains and discusses content that may be distressing to some readers.
Reason for Warning: As the name of this aesthetic clearly suggests, this page contains imagery relating to gore as well as mentions of mental illness and self-harm.

Pastel Gore is an internet aesthetic that essentially consists of gory artwork where the subject is unusually gooey, colorful and even cute, often using pastel colours. It may replace creepier Gore elements like organs or blood with candy and slime, and ocasionally it may use elements of Body Horror. Pastel Gore is influenced by Gurokawa and Pastel Goth fashion and it has various subgenres, including Candy Gore.


The aesthetic was at its peak during the late 2010s and it was especially popular among Gen Z tweens and teens, forming online communities in platforms such as Amino, Tumblr and the former Sony Sketch.


Examples of the Pastel Gore aesthetic may include graphic imagery like blood, guts and all sorts of gore (playing into the macabre part of the word) but depicted in a light, cartoonish way. A musical artist who particularly popularized the Pastel Gore aesthetic is Jack Stauber, and one of the earliest works that somewhat resembles this aesthetic is the web series Happy Tree Friends.

  • Viscera and gore, but discoloured or censored to be more in line with the general colour scheme
  • Concealment, often artificially produced, such as the fictional "Hanahaki disease" (in which the eyes and mouth are either obscured or replaced with flowers and brambles) and medical tapes/bandages.
  • Monstrous and supernatural imagery - Devilish features, vampiric fangs, animal-like ears or whiskers (particularly that of cats)
  • Slime, goo or sugar instead of blood
  • Food or dessert motifs
  • Eyeballs or blank eyes
  • A rather unfortunate romanticism of mental illness and self-harm





  • Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly (2021)
  • Happy Tree Friends (1999-2023)


  • Cupcakes (My Little Pony creepypasta)
  • Dear Starboy (Eddsworld fanfiction)
  • Rainbow Factory (My Little Pony creepypasta)
  • Stargirl (Actual YA fiction, 2000, Jerry Spinelli)

Video Games[]

  • Cult Of The Lamb (2022)
  • Danganronpa (somewhat) (2010)
  • Grindstone (2020)
  • Kawaii Killer (2020)
  • Kawaii Deathu Desu (2019)
  • Persona 4 (2007)
  • Corpse Party (1996)
  • Gore Screaming Show (2006)
  • Yandere Simulator (2014)
  • Your Turn to Die (2017)



  • bo en
  • Cavetown
  • Creep-P
  • GHOST and Pals
  • Jack Stauber
  • Melanie Martinez
  • mxmtoon (particularly Plum Blossom)
  • Poppy
  • Pre-Album Dodie
  • Sodikken
  • Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra
  • VIVINOS (particularly Suki Suki Daisuki)


  • Aishite by Kikuo
  • Appetite of a People Pleaser by GHOST and Pals
  • Bumblebees are Out by Jack Stauber & Anna
  • Cake by Melanie Martinez
  • Computer Boy by Poppy
  • Cupcakes by Futret
  • DOGWALK by Creep-P
  • Darling by MARETU
  • Exorcism by Creep-P
  • Francium by Nantoka-P
  • GOLDWING by Billie Eilish
  • Hey Bunny by Baby Bugs
  • Housewife Radio by GHOST and Pals
  • Hysteria by Poppy
  • I Scream by Melanie Martinez
  • I'm Poppy by Poppy
  • Kyu-kurarin by Iowa (feat. Kafu)
  • Love Taste by Moe Shop
  • Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez
  • Milk and Cookies by Melanie Martinez
  • Misery Meat by Sodikken
  • Moestep by Moe Shop
  • My Time by bo en
  • Peach Moon by The Unicorns
  • People Eater by Sodikken
  • Peppermint by Jack Stauber
  • Queen Fly by Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra
  • S. I. U. by MARETU
  • The Dismemberment Song by Blue Kid
  • The Ghost by NIVIRO
  • X by Poppy


Candy Gore[]

Candy Gore, despite being an aesthetic very similiar to Pastel Gore, may use any colour palette and a broad range of colours. The main motifs used in Candy Gore include organs or blood replaced with candy (including melting candy), sugar or other sweet foods. Sometimes it also includes references to hearts or stars. A close variant invovles using fruit flesh (e.g. Oranges, watermelons, kiwis...) instead of candy.


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