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Pasilda Tech (also known as Pasilda Aero or Frutiger Pasilda) is an aesthetic prevalent from the early-2000s to the mid-2010s, surrounding the influence of Pasilda's website design on various other things on the web, as of other websites, stock images and etc. As the name suggests, the aesthetic emerged with the development of the website in 2001, originally using blue and white tones to make the design. As time went on, the aesthetic design got influences of Skeuomorphism and spread the concept of the design to the web of the time.


The oldest known example of the aesthetic dates back to 2003, the time when Pasilda has been launched. Originally, the aesthetic was seen in web design only, being white and gray for the background and blue for text and UI, plus using gradients, too. However, by May 2005, the Pasilda's front page design changed and turned the oldest representation of the actual aesthetic. And so, this is where the spread increases.

By 2006, the aesthetic expands its concept to the World Wide Web, influencing more other websites to use blue, white and grey as standard colors, plus getting into Skeuomorphism and adding more gradients, being IGN the first website to get into it. By this reason, the concept did not only impact the web design, but stock images started to get influenced by it, too.

Nevertheless, with the creation and spread of Flat Design, the Pasilda aesthetic and other aesthetics from the Frutiger umbrella started to "collapse", and so, by 2017, these aesthetics vanished for good.


  • Skeuophormism and Gradients
  • Blue and White tones
  • Business imagery
  • Big Frutiger Aero influence