Party Kei is a fashion style developed in the mid-2010s by Canadian YouTuber Jillian Vessey/Pixielocks, modelled after Japanese street fashion. There is considerable confusion over what this style really entails: its first stages as drawn out by Vessey were similar to both Larme and Cult Party Kei, with delicate clothes in pastel colours and added indications of a birthday party theme. However, the style mutated in the years to follow: Vessey and her fanbase, the 'Confetti Club', now wear louder garments from Western brands such as Lazy Oaf, with party references becoming more overt and rainbows used as a common theme.

Since Vessey is neither Japanese nor a fluent speaker of the language, there is controversy over her use of the Japanese 'Kei' suffix, usually attached to styles hailing from the specific Harajuku locale, to describe a fashion now made up of mostly Western brands. Vessey and her fanbase are frequent features on gossip boards such as lolcow.farms, where the fashion has been criticized for its inconsistent aesthetic.





A video that includes different Party Kei hair styles.

  • Pastel hair
  • Ribbons
  • Small hair clips




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