Aesthetics Wiki

While the wiki is comprehensive, we are missing multiple aesthetics. Here is a "wishlist" of pages that we need in order to record all aesthetics.

Art History

  • Arts and Crafts Movement. Will overlap with Victorian at times.
  • Bauhaus
  • Pre-Rapahelites


  • Superheroes and comics

Historical and Literary Eras

  • Imperial Rome
  • Renaissance
  • Elizabethan England
  • Aztec Empire
  • Decadence. Think Oscar Wilde.
  • Belle Époque
  • American History Eras
    • American Colonization. Encompasses Quakers, Puritans, etc.
    • Gilded Age Opulence
    • Greasers
  • Russian Eras
    • Social Realism, Russian life in the days of Communism
  • Japanese Eras
    • Heian Japan
    • Taisho Roman

Settings and Situations

Subcultures and Stereotypes

  • Bimbos
  • Pop Punk Emo. Separate from true Emo. Includes Fall Out Boy, Hot Topic, and tumblr culture
  • Proletariats (aka Blue Collar Workers). Think denim overalls, industrial machines, etc.
  • Weeaboos/Otaku. Note that it is separate from anime, as these describe the stereotypes surrounding anime watchers

Fictional Character Types

  • Mermaid