Aesthetics Wiki

While the wiki is comprehensive, we are missing multiple aesthetics. Here is a "wishlist" of pages that we need in order to record all aesthetics.

Internet Aesthetics and Fashion

  • Marshmallow Girl
  • 80s Summer Camp
  • Plazacore
  • Romcomcore
  • Maillard style
  • Grocery Girl fall
  • Strega

Art History

  • Abstract art
  • Figuration
  • Neo expression
  • Neo Baroque
  • Imitationalism
  • Formalism
  • Emotionalism
  • Lowbrow


  • Swedish Midsommar
  • Summer Matsuri These are Japanese community-held events that include wearing yukata, food stalls, and fireworks
  • Oktoberfest, from Munich
  • Diwali
  • Venetian Carnival

Fictional Tropes and Genres

  • Folk Horror
  • Gentleman Thief
  • Isekai
  • Shoujo Romance

Historical and Literary Eras

  • Imperial Rome
  • Dutch Golden Age
  • Decadence. Think Oscar Wilde.
  • Belle Époque
  • American History Eras
    • American Colonization. Encompasses Quakers, Puritans, etc.
    • Gilded Age Opulence
      • Ziegfeld Follies
    • Ellis Island
      • Page for immigration to New York City by Italians, Poles, etc. during the Gilded Age
    • Vaudeville
  • Chinese Eras
    • Mongol Conquest (era of Genghis Khan)
    • Song Dynasty
  • Russian Eras
    • Imperial Romanov
  • Japanese Eras
    • Heian Japan
    • Sengoku/Warring States Period
    • Edo Japan
  • Vintage Hong Kong (1890s-1960s)

National Cultures

  • Irish folk

Settings and Situations

  • Suburbia. The non-cynical and scary version of Suburban Gothic and the contemporary version of 1950 Suburbia
  • Las Vegas Kitsch
  • Any and all cities that have global recognition, such as New York, Paris, and Tokyo. These pages need to be in-depth and discuss the multi-faceted culture of a city. For example, Los Angeles is not just Hollywood, but also multicultural, hippie, boujie, a place of extreme poverty, etc.
  • Provincial France
  • Rancho Mexicano. Mexican Ranch culture
  • Kitsch Italian-American Restaurant
  • Alpine Ski Lodge/Apres-Ski
  • French Brasserie
  • American Southern Small Town
  • Missing biomes, such as Arctic tundra, chapparal, etc.
  • Brazilian Carnival
  • Irish Pub
  • Renaissance Fair
  • American Sports Bar (might also double as am American football page)

Music Genres

  • J-core
  • Nagoya Kei
  • Terrorcore

Subcultures and Stereotypes

  • Upper Middle Class New England WASP Mom
  • Proletariats (aka Blue Collar Workers). Think denim overalls, industrial machines, etc.
  • Wa Goth
  • White Goth
  • Krocha
  • Chaka
  • Snob

Design Aesthetics

  • Modern Farmhouse