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OtoMAD (Japanese: 音MAD) is a Japanese meme genre that consists of pre-existing media being remixed into new creative and artistic music videos, quite similiar to the Western equivalent of "YouTube Poop Music Videos" (YTPMV). The videos often use a really random and exaggerated type of comedy. It was popular during the 2010s Internet era and it was initially pioneered by Doujin circles during the early 2000s, and later became popularized through the video platform Nico Nico Douga. OtoMAD videos also gained some notoriety outside Japan through YouTube reuploads, and western OtoMAD creators like MowtenDoo, or the Chinese video platform BiliBili, where these types of videos are known as "鬼畜"[1], roughly translating to "Ghost animal".

The main idea behind OtoMAD videos is to take pre-existing content and try to make something as creative as possible out of it. Some of the most common media used in the genre includes anime, Japanese advertisements, memes that were popular in Japan and sometimes Western memes, video games, Gachimuchi wrestlers, etc[2].

Many people consider OtoMAD to be a form of transformative art, just like Black-Holed Memes or Nouveau Réalisme. The term "OtoMAD" literally translates to "Sound MAD" in Japanese, since the this meme style is derived from the MAD film genre (movies completely crafted from pre-existing material). To put it simple, "OtoMAD" focuses on the music, while "MAD Movies" focus on the films themselves.


Some visuals commonly seen in OtoMAD videos include:

  • Remixed pre-existing media used in a creative way
  • Clips from Japanese advertisements, anime, video games, etc.
  • Elements of humor and irony
  • Running gags
  • Memes and internet culture references
  • Fast-paced editing
  • Synchronization with music
  • Originality and experimentation
  • Random content and effects



  • DrunkyDarwin
  • Euphemism for Magic
  • Hamburgaga
  • MatrixMarioX
  • MowtenDoo
  • Mr. MAD
  • Readybug_
  • Shoelace Bother
  • [まいまい] maimai
  • owatax99

Related Songs[]

Since OtoMAD edits are unseparable from the music played in the videos, there are many songs associated with the genre, particularly video game OSTs and J-Core, Denpa/Akiba-Pop, Doujin musical works or Japanese Eurobeat music.

Some songs often featured in OtoMAD media include:

Related Media[]

Some media often featured in OtoMAD edits include:

  • Final Fantasy X (2001)
  • Kirby series (1992-present)
  • Super Mario series (1985-present)
  • Touhou Project series (1997-present)
  • Undertale (2015)
  • Kill Me Baby (2008)
  • Japanese McDonald's advertisements