Otherkin is a subculture that encompasses people that in some way identify as non-human. Common otherkin include:

  • dragonkin, a kintype where you identify as a dragon. Some dragonkin may collect a hoarde of shiny objects and jewelry. They may be associated with dragoncore/goblincore.
  • angelkin/demonkin, kintypes that commonly follow a past life belief you were an angel or a demon. There may also be psychologically based angelkin or demonkin.
  • fictionkin, a kintype where you identify as something found in fiction, including characters, species, or glitches.
  • factkin, a kintype that is often not recognized by the otherkin community- this is one where you identify as a real person, like Barack Obama.

Otherkin have been large contributors to the communities surrounding aesthetics on Tumblr specifically, often creating moodboards based on "kintypes" on the site.

It should be noted that otherkin is an identity and subculture, not an aesthetic itself. Certain otherkin may use aesthetics for self expression and understanding akin to how one might use art or fashion, but not all do.


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