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Old Meme, also called Old Memecore, as the name implies, is an aesthetic based on old memes and their style. These memes include Longcat/Tacgnol, the trollface, "All Your Base Are Belong to Us", and many more old/classic memes. Its main colors consist of black and white, but those are not the only colors in this aesthetic.

This aesthetic also uses the classic and recognizable meme font - most likely Impact. These memes were originally hosted on forums, then later moved to platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Imgur and sites dedicated to memes, like iFunny.


Dank Meme Voyage and its cringier, edgier brother, Edgy Meme, among others[1].


  • Old meme shirts
  • Generally silly clothes (example: this or that)


  • Old memes themselves, for example rage comics (Rage Makers, EFLcomics), Advice Animals, Le X, and Derp...[2]
  • ASDFmovie(s)
  • eBaum's World - entertainment website; features comedy content such as memes, viral videos, images, and other forms of Internet culture, primarily user submitted.[3]
  • YTMND - an online community centered on the creation of hosted memetic web pages[4]
  • YTP - Youtube Poop[5] - remixes, edits and voice-overs of various media to the point where they become funny, and later, classics[6].