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The Old Emo Art Style is a type of art style commonly associated with both alternative music genres and the beginning of the internet age, frequently found in art from the 2000s and early 2010s. It has no official name aside from being frequently referred to as the "2000s emo art style".


The style was initially characteristic of popular Emo communities (and later the Emo subgenre of Scene) communities before bleeding into general alternative and mainstream internet spaces. The art style itself is also heavily associated with the animated television series Invader Zim due to its scene influence, and with the rise of anime culture in the 2010s, Japanese shows featuring dark alternative culture such as Death Note became popular references and inspirations for the art style's developing anime-inspired appeal by the turn of the deacade.


The style is characterized by its often sketchy line art. This may be to mimic traditional pencil drawings, or to create a jagged, edgy feel to the artwork. The proportions of the characters were usually thin or stick figured bodies with caricature-like heads and large eyes, comparable to the likes of Tim Burton. The large circular eyes are additionally reminiscent of chibi designs of 2000s Japanese TV shows. The character designs mimicked 2000s and early 2010s fashion trends. Low waisted bottoms, straightened opaque high-volume hair, and striped patterns were very popular at the time.



  • Fillerbunny
  • I Feel Sick
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
  • Squee!


  • Death Note
  • Invader ZIM


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Musical Artists[]

  • Radio Gosha

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