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Ocean Grunge is a music-centric aesthetic that is considered the darker version of Seapunk that started in 2014. It takes a lot of the elements from it and Vaporwave, but has a darker air and color palette applied to it than the usually colorful palette associated with the other two for its visual medium in exchange for a more restricted color palette of blacks, greys, and muted blues.

The music itself takes a lot of inspiration from early Vaporwave, drone, Nu-Metal, and Grunge, and does have some similarities to Witch House, but while Witch House has more of a spooky and ethereal air to it, Ocean Grunge tends to be hollow and depressing but still carries the ocean/sea motif its cousin genre carries. Ocean Grunge aesthetics can also tap into the aesthetics of the deep ocean, including sunken ships and the aquatic creatures of the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean abyss, both realistic and surreal. If Ocean Grunge happens to take a trip under the sea, however, a lot of yellows, whites, blacks, and dark blues and purples, create a slightly richer color palette.


Ocean Grunge tends to borrow a lot visuals from Seapunk. But rather than the rich, vibrant colors one often sees associated with that particular genre, it tends to be more monochromatic, utilizing lots of blacks, greys, and muted blues. These colours reflect the cold, dark, deep empty feeling one would feel being stranded in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight and slowly losing all hope of rescue coming to save you before ultimately plunging into the ocean depths below.



Musically, Ocean Grunge has a tendency to have a droning, melancholic sound to it (much like regular Grunge) and has a heavy element of nihilism to its overall aesthetic; like when one first reads on the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzche and really hasn't taken into account the nuances associated with such a philosophy. Musicians in the genre include:




Chichilcitlalli x ATMPK - Calmly Waiting At The Bottom Of The Sea

Ocean Grunge music tends to be ambient in nature and, while earlier examples of Ocean Grunge incorporated samples of Grunge music, it has involved to incorporate elements of orchestral and dark synth-pop music as well. Examples of this newer style of Ocean Grunge music include:


  • Fractured Tide by Leslie Lutz

Video Games[]

  • Disaster Log C
  • Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion

Culinary Aesthetics[]

Ocean Grunge has been incorporated by artists for food presentation. The use of Ocean Grunge has been observed with food preparations of seafood and desserts.