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Nuclear is an aesthetic that is based around the themes of nuclear power, nuclear weaponry, machines and more. It involves gas masks, hazardous items, hazmat suits, and lands in ruins.

The aesthetic is usually historical, specifically being based around the 1980s due to the large amount of nuclear power being built during the time as well as the ongoing cold war making nuclear warfare a constant fear. Modern nuclear aesthetic is more centered around urban exploration of abandoned nuclear sites, due to the end of the cold war and decline of nuclear power.


Nuclear aesthetic is based of the operation of Nuclear reactors, which uses complicated control panels and equipment used to start off nuclear fission and containing it to prevent a critical disaster, it is also based around the storage, safeguarding and disposal of fissile materials. It can also be based around the themes of industrial nuclear disaster, with NBC and Hazmat suits, geiger counters and other complex equipment with post-apocalyptic environments such as abandoned cities, old buildings/cars and contaminated areas. Also, nuclear aesthetic can be based around nuclear warfare such as the storage and launching of nuclear weaponry, political power and propaganda, test sites, command bunkers etc.

  • CBRN clothing
  • Safety helmets
  • Lead lining protection
  • Gloveboxes
  • Geigercounters
  • Dosimeters
  • "Radiating trefoil" logos
  • Raw concrete containment buildings etc
  • Nuclear flasks
  • Toxic waste dumps
  • Hazardous material convoy's
  • Civil defence
  • Security checkpoints
  • Armed paramilitary guards


Nuclear fashion is based on safety from dangerous radiation, utilizing gas masks and hazmat suits or boring office clothing, depending on the situation.



  • The China Syndrome (1979)
  • The Chain Reaction (1980)
  • Silkwood (1983)
  • Wargames (1983)
  • Meltdown (2016)
  • Fukushima 50 (2020)


  • Attack on Windscale
  • Countdown to Shutdown
  • Fallout

TV Shows[]

  • Atomic Twister
  • Chernobyl