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Nintencore is an aesthetic based around Nintendo. Nintencore is also used but not limited to mostly with nostalgic and happy things. Mostly seen paired with games like Super Mario Bros., Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Kirby


Nintencore is most commonly associated with more retro games, especially from the 8 and 16-bit era. Things such as pixel art and chiptune/SNES music are very common tropes. Because of the variety of different genres these games can fit, you could arguably branch Nintencore into multiple groups (RPGs, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Smash Bros., etc.)


  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010)


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Nintencore music is a broadly defined music genre that fuses chiptune and video game music with modern hardcore punk, heavy metal, and various associated rock music style frequently features the use of electric guitars, drum kits, and typical rock instrumentation alongside synthesizers, chiptunes, 8-bit sounds, and electronically produced beats.

It originated out of a diverse range of musical styles, including various forms of hardcore punk and heavy metal. (The Japanese Synthpop/City Pop band YMO could be considered one of the major inspirations.)

In addition to these origins, notable Nintencore bands have been influenced by a variety of other genres, such as post-hardcore, metalcore, electro, noise rock, post-rock, and screamo.

Thus, Nintencore groups vary stylistically. Horse the Band combines metalcore, heavy metal, thrash metal, and post-hardcore with post-rock passages. "The Black Hole" from Horse the Band's third album, The Mechanical Hand, is an example of Nintencore, featuring screamed vocals, heavy "Nintendo riffs," and "sound effects from numerous games." Math the Band includes electro and dance-punk styles. Minibosses use Kyuss-inspired heavy metal riffing, and The Advantage is associated with styles such as noise rock and post-rock. The Depreciation Guild was an indie band that incorporated 8-bit sounds, video game music, and elements of shoegaze.

Some bands feature singing, such as The Depreciation Guild, whose frontman Kurt Feldman provides "ethereal" and "tender vocals," and The Megas, who write lyrics that mirror video game storylines. Others, such as Horse the Band and Math the Band, add screamed vocals into the mix. But yet other groups are strictly instrumental, such as Minibosses, and The Advantage. While otherwise diverse, all Nintencore groups "use specific instruments to mimic the sounds of Nintendo games."



Wiicore is an aesthetic subgenre of Nintencore that is related to anything pertaining to the Nintendo Wii system; the most commonly seen Wii system is the 7th generation. This aesthetic mainly involves Wii Sports Resort (2009), Wii Sports (2006), or any other Wii game visuals. Colors associated with Wiicore in particular include white, blue, green, and orange.