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Nihilcore, also known as nihilwave, is an aesthetic surrounding the theme of coldness, skeletons, butterflies, cigarettes, literature, and philosophy, It takes its name from nihilism, a belief in nothingness.

Nihilcore fashion includes:

  • Vintage black glasses
  • Long coats
  • Goth boots
  • Weird clothes
  • Smokey eyes (blue or black)
  • Black nails, or no polish at all
  • Black, grey rings

Hobbie & Activities:

  • Questioning life
  • Eating snow
  • Dancing weirdly
  • Making art
  • Thinking about dreams
  • Reading books
  • Believing black cats are auspicious
  • Smoking in graveyards

Music genres:

  • post-punk
  • darkwave
  • indie rock
  • etherealwave
  • gothrock
  • doomerwave
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