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Nihilcore, also known as nihilwave, is an aesthetic surrounding the theme of coldness, skeletons, butterflies, cigarettes, literature, philosophy, sleeping disorders like insomnia, and the vibe of going insane. It takes its name from nihilism, a belief in nothingness.

Nihilcore fashion includes:

  • Vintage black glasses
  • Long coats
  • Goth boots
  • Weird clothes
  • Smokey eyes (blue or black)
  • Black nails, or no polish at all
  • Black, grey rings

Hobbie & Activities:

  • Questioning life
  • Eating snow
  • Dancing weirdly
  • Making art
  • Thinking about dreams
  • Reading books
  • Believing black cats are auspicious
  • Smoking in graveyards

Music genres:

  • post-punk
  • darkwave
  • indie rock
  • etherealwave
  • gothrock
  • doomerwave