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Neumorphism, also referred to as Claymorphism, is a design language and Glassmorphism/Skeuomorphism sub-aesthetic that combines elements of Skeuomorphism and Flat Design. It emphasizes soft, rounded shapes, subtle shadows, and gradients. It is often used in UI/UX designs to create a more realistic, natural look and feel. Neumorphism was created in 2019 by independent Figma community designers. Windows 11 and macOS only apply Neumorphism to certain icons but not to their entire UIs.


Neumorphism started in 2019 by independent Figma community designers in an effort to mix the old, Skeuomorphic elements of the 2000s with the new minimalist, flat interfaces found in newer interfaces. Neumorphism was also inspired and owes its existence to Glassmorphism. It is mostly used by small to mid-sized companies, startups, and independent creators. Windows 11 and macOS only apply Neumorphism to certain icons but not to their entire UIs.


Neumorphism is a design style that combines the realistic feel of Skeuomorphism, the simplicity of Flat Design, and the futuristic, shadowy and glossy look of Frutiger Aero. It retains many qualities of Skeuomorphism and Flat Design but is fundamentally different because of its depth and inaccessibility. Neumorphism's elements blend into the background, makes use of gentle forms and soft edges, sometimes combined with muted lights and subtle shadows. This creates a unique visual experience that is both futuristic and familiar. Neumorphism is characterized by a sense of depth and accessibility, as well as a focus on simplicity and ease of use.


While Neumorphism not exclusive to any particular operating system, it's commonly used in applications for iOS, macOS, and Android, as well as custom themes in Linux and Android Custom UIs.



  • AwesomeWM Neuo (Linux)
  • Light Neuomorphism (Huawei EMUI)
  • Neuomorphism MIUI Theme (Xiaomi MIUI)
  • Soft Icon Pack (iOS 14)