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Warning: This page contains sexually explicit content, racial slurs, and discussion of drug use.

Nerdcore is an internet aesthetic and genre of music that has been around since the 2000s. This aesthetic is very similar to Trillwave in both visuals and music. The aesthetic revolves around 80s-2000s Video Games, Anime, Hentai, Manga, Japanese cars, and Weed. The originator of this aesthetic is claimed to be MC Frontalot.... might as well include it, but the true birth of "anime rap" started from various Soundcloud rappers back in 2010-2011. A notable Nerdcore pioneer being Sensei Ion, bringing that wavy & stoned sounding rap to Nerdcore.

The pioneer of the Nercore philoophy: "Be yourself, keep it real and embrace nerdiness", is Lil B, who inspired an entire generation of rappers (both mainstream and underground) to be themselves and rap about otherwise "corny" hobbies. This was in 2009, before the Nerdcore style was established and rappers were still experimenting with Boombap & West-coast style beats.


Nerdcore is mostly expressed in cover-art for beats or songs, usually having a artist title & song name (obviously), with a background of 90s anime, hentai, video game scenery, or 3D game levels, which are intended to inspire feelings of nostalgia. Characters or items from video games and anime are sometimes featured on top of the wavy background.

Similar to Trillwave, the visuals can also have emphasis on Marijuana, Backwoods, Beer, and other food, as well as classic aesthetics such as Vaporwave, Old Web, you get the idea. In some cases, the cover art may be Hue-shifted to add purple/blue to the image which enhances the "wavy" atmosphere to everything.

Sometimes artists also features anime-drawn versions of themselves, adding personality to the cover art.


Nerdcore is primarily focused on Japanese pop culture, more specifically anime and its manga, video games, waifus from them and other kinds of media, especially those that are X-rated. Video-games and Anime are mostly focused on the 80s-2000s era. This is present in Nerdcore songs.

Nerdcore rap features same-style beats from Trillwave with more SFXs added and less ambient & sad beats. Nerdcore beats usually feature samples from older video games & anime OSTs, notably from Dragon Ball Zero, Naruto, Final Fantasy, Shiki and more. Nerdcore songs don't always focus on the struggles of life, hustling, guns and drug talk, and more focus on the more relatable, relaxing aspects of living the "Otaku life". However, they can include all of the above, just not as present as Trillwave.

To better describe the lyrics of Nerdcore, here are various lyrics from a few songs to drive the idea and gist into your minds.

Kay P - Sailor Fuku (PROD. GF Retro)

I put Sailor Fuku on my hoe

She look super bad in that cosplay though

Twin-Blade shawty call her Haseo

Ass fat, titties look like Super Sonico's (Mmm, Ecchi!)

Kay P - Monkey D. Luffy (PROD. Bona El-Zee)

N*ggas been grinding to gain that experience

I see you hating but it ain't that serious

unlocked my third eye while up in the pyramid

cooking up ether, that's sprite with the syrup mixed

came out the ashes, revive like the phoenix

The shit that I been through you wouldn't believe it

I need that skrilla don't make me repeat it

Your bitch on my dick, I got swag, I'm Black Jesus

Get on my level you couldn't achieve it

N*ggas be plotting they trying to deceive me

My money large, you come short like a chibi

Got swishers and sushi I'm smoking up seaweed"

ION x Josip On Deck - ボーナス (PROD. Internet User)

God damn man, I think I hit a bonus

Smoke two blunts, now a young sensei zoning

Bitch I'm playing Sonic

Fuck her early in the morning

I'm still retro mobbing with my squadron

And you know we on it

Retro Senpai - Late Nights in Akihabara (Ft. Beezy Sama)

Living this otaku life

Waking up with 2D wife

In Shibuya, I'm Cloud Strife

Yandere strapped up, yeah with the knife

So we posted in Japan

27/4 with the clan

Walking village of the sand, with Gara, stacking hella bands

With that being said, Nerdcore is still very relevant and ever-evolving today with new rappers such as Otaku God and SL!CK taking centre stage with a more drill-sounding, aggressive approach to the previously mostly-trill/laid-back nature of Nerdcore. Nerdcore beats have also evolved as well, more drill-style & plugg beats started becoming popular in 2018 for Nerdcore songs VS. the older sounding "rawer" sounding beats which were popular back in 2011-2017.