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Neon Academia is a visual aesthetic incorporating both the classical imagery of the Academia genre with the modern-touch of neon lights and bright colours. It incorporates both the scientific and medical imagery of the Mad Scientist aesthetic and the darkness and class of Dark Academia with the vibrancy of Glowwave to create a lively and colourful feel whilst still continuing the serious, academic tone.


Neon Academia believes in the freedom of learning and the excitement of discovering new things & beliefs. It wishes to make learning fun and energetic with bold and striking imagery whilst still retaining the classy and distinguished image of its academic siblings. This aesthetic comes with the belief that knowledge is everywhere and just waiting to be unlocked by those willing to find it, accompanied by idea that learning should be accessible to all. Neon Academia aims to make learning exciting again with its dramatic and colourful nature, encouraging people to investigate what they're interested in.


As a whole, the Neon Academia aesthetic follows bringing colour into traditional academic settings or places of work. This means key motifs include combining industrial-era buildings, classical arts and ancient structures with vibrant neon lights, colours or images. Alternatively, it also incorporates a lot of scientific imagery, pairing the freedom of (ethical) experimentation with the freedom of bright lights and colours.

Key Motifs:

  • Smoke
  • Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Industrial-Era Buildings
  • Ancient Structures
  • Classical Arts
  • Neon Lights
  • Bright Natural Lighting such as Sunsets & Sunrises
  • Scientific/Medical Equipment
  • Skulls & Bones
  • Brightly coloured candles
  • Colourful Filters (Photography)

Key Colours:

  • Any neon colours, but particularly pinks, greens, yellows, blues and oranges.
  • Greyscale Colours (Black, White & Grey).
  • Beige
  • Brown

Neon Wall Sign "Something Strange Happened Here.".jpg



There is no specific genre of music that Neon Academia follows, however songs that could be considered Neon Academia often feature some form of contemporary sound (whether that be keyboards, synth, electric guitars, auto-tune or anything similar) combined with traditional instruments.

Notable Artists:

  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Weathers
  • Saint Motel
  • Sohodolls
  • Gorillaz
  • Glass Animals



Whilst there is no set style for Neon Academia, the fashion centres around combining lively or neon colours with traditional academic items such as blazers and turtleneck sweaters. These colourful pieces of clothing are often paired with black or white items or other items with muted colours to create a vibrant contrast within the outfit.