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Neo-Tribal, also commonly called Tribal Y2K, Cybersigilism or Cybertribal, is a visual design aesthetic that is primarily present in tattoos, shirts, band logos and album cover arts. Neo-Tribal design is characterized by its eye-catching patterns inspired by tribal tattoos, particularly those of Māori or Polynesian origin, but it is not limited to those cultures. It also uses other elements like symbolism, sigils and geometric patterns. Essentially, it mixes ancient ethnic patterns with modern art tecniques and aesthetics.

Neo-Tribal symbology from the 2000s typically involves imagery that teenagers of the time found cool and rebellious, like angel, butterfly, demon and bat wings, crosses, hearts, etc. Consequently, Neo-Tribal art is often associated with various aesthetics and Alternative musical genres, including Y2K Futurism, Chromecore, Sigilkore, Deathcore, etc.

The Neo-Tribal aesthetic isn't meant to be confused with the term neo-tribalism[1], which refers to the political philosophy concerning the concept of modern society being run by tribes. Some people prefer using the term "Cybertribal" to contrast the difference.


Some visuals found in Neo-Tribal design include:

  • Complex and bold patterns
  • Spiky/illegible text
  • Geometric shapes
  • Wings
    • Angel wings
    • Devil wings
    • Butterfly wings
    • Bat wings
  • Hearts
  • Stars
  • Christian chrosses
  • Spikes



The Neo-Tribal aesthetic particularly flourishes in the tattoo industry[2]. The term "Neo-Tribal" was originally coined by western tattoo artists to incorporate influence from Māori tribal tattoos without making their artworks sound "culturally appropiating". Neo-Tribal tattoos are usually black and have sharp black lines and dots. This tattoo tecnique has also evolved into a more recent tecnique called "Cybersigilism", as some Neo-Tribal tattoos often incorporate more influence from sigil symbology. Particularly Cybersigilism incorporates even more influence from the Y2K Futurism era or even Cyberpunk, including elements like black angles, thin lines and black ink[3]. Tramp stamps are often made in the Cybersigilist style as well, including Succubus symbols, hearts, butterfly wings, etc.

This style is also often incorporated into shirts and hoodies as prints.



While there aren't specific songs to describe or note this aesthetic, there are various artists who have incorporated this aesthetic into their songs and albums, such as:

  • Playboi Carti
  • Ken Carson
  • Yeat
  • Almost any metal/hardcore band from 80s-2000s