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The following article contains and discusses content that may be distressing to some readers.
Reason for Warning: This article has the potential to trigger someone with C-PTSD or PTSD. This aesthetic contains a strong emphasis on offensive topics, including terrorism, gore, suicide, death, blood and other forms of graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.

Necrotrap or Necro Trap is an underground subgenre of Trap Metal music originating from SoundCloud during the early 2020s[1]. The music genre is aesthetically characterized by its emphasis on dark topics like murder, gore, death, drugs, the glorification of Middle Eastern terrorism, suicide, and multiple other forms of graphic content. Necrotrap music is characterized by its noisy sound, heavily distorted and deep-fried vocals, lyrics relating to suicide attacks, "corpse" vocals and whispers, aggressive beats and eerie melodies.

This musical genre is closely associated to a music collective from SoundCloud called "Necrosociety"[2], whose members pioneered the genre. It is particularly popular in SoundCloud underground Hip-Hop communities.


The emergence of Necrotrap can be attributed to the evolution of Trap Metal (also called Screamo Rap), which is a musical genre that combines elements of Trap music and Heavy Metal, as its name suggests. Trap Metal itself originated in the late 2010s and gained popularity through artists like Scarlxrd and Zillakami.

The term "Necrotrap" was coined by the Canadian musical artist Gorejit in 2020[3], and later, he became part of a music collective called "Necrosociety", formed by multiple Necrotrap artists. The musical genre started to decline in 2023 due to controversies surrounding the Necrotrap community, including the artist Gorejit, who quit music in December 2022. However, the genre still continues to thrive in SoundCloud.


The visual and aesthetic elements associated with Necrotrap music are characterized by their emphasis on dark topics. This is reflected in Necrotrap cover art, lyrics and artist names, which are often provocative and/or offensive. These dark topics featured in Necrotrap songs often include explicit descriptions of violence, self-harm or suicide, weaponry, drug abuse, and even terrorism, particularly those relating to Middle Eastern terrorists. Cover art usually features scribbled drawings that depict acts of violence, like shootings, beheadings and bombings. Overall, the aesthetic is likely meant to be either extremely edgy or straight up shock content. The general aesthetic of Necrotrap music could be briefly described as a mix of Emo culture and graphic taboo topics.



Musical Artists[]

  • Afourteen
  • frosttt
  • fucksleepy
  • Guap Sensei
  • Gxner.
  • HXLX
  • Kill Ebola
  • Michael Motorcycle
  • Nibxl
  • NoVision
  • Nythmare
  • Teenage Disaster
  • tsaruicide
  • Yungboypunk
  • Zaraki

Music Collectives[]

  • Necrosociety
  • Iraq-a-holics
  • sleepercell



Glorification of Middle Eastern terrorism[]

The most common argument against Necrotrap music is how it simplifies, glorifies and possibly even romanticizes terrorist attacks and other forms of violence related to Arab Paramilitary groups. This particular element of the songs and its aesthetic has become problematic because most of the people involved in the Necrotrap music scene are white American/Canadian teenagers fascinated by violence, who often don't have a proper cultural or historical understanding of the political climate of the Middle East and the Islamic world. This musical genre has also been subject to censorship in some platforms like Spotify due to its strong emphasis on edgy and questionable topics.

Nearly unlistenable music[]

Necrotrap has also received criticism for being nearly unlistenable. Its usage of extremely distorted vocals and samples make the music way too noisy and niche to listen to. Additionally, Necrotrap lyrics are often criticized for being "cringy" or way "too edgy for the sake of being edgy"[4].

Toxic fanbase[]

Another trait that made Necrotrap music decline in late 2022-2023 is the toxicity present in its fanbase. Many people in the fanbase were known to dox and/or scam other people, and engaging in other problematic behaviors like telling people to kill themselves, or saying racial slurs[5]. This led to a few musical artists as well as fans quitting.