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Note: This article is an educational tool intended to improve the understanding of aesthetics. It is not about a particular aesthetic.

Music is the combination of notes and sounds in succession to create a composition that has expresses emotion and intent. Musicians achieve this through instrumentation, which is creating sounds out of specialized music-making tools and adding optional vocals, which sing lyrics or creates pleasing sounds. These pieces of music, called songs, create atmospheres, moods, and emotions that people can admire. In aesthetics, songs that convey these specific feelings are connected to visuals, philosophy, and fashion. This makes a harmonic group of interconnected ideas that makes up this aesthetic.

Music has a long history and is constantly evolving. The large variety of sounds allows musicians and listeners to choose their preferences and listen to different genres that have similar qualities. People often create communities from this and have come to associate different types of music with different social situations and types of people. Whatever is deemed most popular within the society is seen as "good" and "current". But listeners can rebel against the norm and turn to alternative music genres.

Music has multiple principles, theories, and a long history that builds off the previous style, which allows for new ways to express the artist's intent.

Elements of Music[]

This is the Rhythm of the Night

"This is the Rhythm of the Night" by Corona is a fun, upbeat Eurodance song. The band Bastille made a cover of this in a depressing mood, showing the versatility of music's ability to create emotion.

Beat and Meter[]

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Bubblegum bitch lyrics

"Bubblegum Bitch" by Marina and the Diamonds describes the personality and mindset of a young woman who is part of the Bubblegum Bitch aesthetic.

Lyrics are a string of words that would be sung by the musician in a song. They usually rhyme and are in harmony with the instruments to create a pleasing sound. The lyrics are one of the most important aspects of conveying emotion and meaning. They may describe the artist's emotions, create a setting, address someone, and others. This is done through imagery, clever and thoughtful wordplay, creating allusions, and expressing a tone that matches the persona of the singer. Techniques such as these connect to the art of poetry, and it takes great effort to create lyrics that are original and fulfill their purpose. Quality of lyrics is highly subjective, and the complexity of the interpretation can vary between artists and genres.

Historical, Regional, & Political Connotations[]


Light music aesthetic

A painting of a group of people playing instruments, c. 1770s. They are playing classical music, a genre typically associated with 1600s-1890s music.

Like other aspects of culture, music is constantly evolving as time goes on due to advances in trends, advances in new technology, and the invention of new music genres. Specific stylistic choices such as the instruments used, tempo, and vocal techniques would come to be associated with different decades or periods of music. In the aesthetic community, these distinct musical periods are associated with the era's aesthetic. Some examples include jazz with 1920s Art Deco.

Different generations have different preferences for musical styles based on what they listened to as a teenager. This means it is typical to find that current teenagers like today's music while Baby Boomers would prefer 70s-80s music. Liking a style that is atypical of one's generation makes a person seem more unusual. Other people of the same age range may share the feeling that they were "born in the wrong generation" and be in a Vintage community.

Different generations may look to past generations and create their interpretations of the style and add their unique style to the genre, such as in Electro Swing.

French accordion

Accordion music is associated with the nation of France.


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American idiot by green day

The lyrics to "American Idiot" by Green Day express disagreement to conservative American society.

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Playlists are lists of individual songs that fit within certain moods and atmospheres. Typically, they would be themed after certain emotions, locations, genres, and even works of fiction. They are made up of music created by different musicians, often fitting within the same genre. The songs may differ in tempo, instrumentation, and lyrical subject matter, but that is highly dependent on the creator's own personal taste. Creating a playlist is done online, such as in musical websites such as YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and 8tracks.

There is no right or wrong way to create a playlist, and it is a personal activity that can be shared with others on these platforms. People who listen to playlists often do so to find new music, feel emotions expressed in the playlist, and have something to listen to in the background.

List of Music Genres[]

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. There are thousands of music genres and listing all of them would be tedious and overfill the page. For the purposes of this wiki, these music genres either have to be popular enough to be known by a layman or have aesthetic relevance with visuals and an established culture.