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Mulchcore centers around the overlooked and underappreciated aspects of nature. It focuses on recognizing how even the littlest parts of the world that most people don't pay attention to can be actually really amazing and fascinating when you take the time to notice and learn about them. Mulchcore also values messiness, creativity, individuality, and support for others.


  • Mulch
  • Moss
  • Ferns
  • Dead leaves
  • Twigs
  • Evergreen needles
  • Cones from conifer trees
  • Acorns
  • Pebbles
  • dried leaves
  • desire paths


  • Shades of brown
  • Mossy green
  • Natural gray
  • Soft autumnal colours


  • Flannel
  • Wearing boots or going barefoot
  • Jeans that are ripped due to use


  • Animal Crossing
  • Undertale (specifically the Ruins section)
  • Bill Nye The Science Guy
  • Hollow Knight


  • Baking desserts such as cookies
  • Enjoying a warm drink of your choice
  • Growing your own moss like on Bill Nye
  • Going out in nature
  • Researching botanical facts
  • Crafts and DIY projects
  • Collecting random nature junk like a crow or squirrel
  • stepping on crunchy leaves

Muddy Mulchcore[]

Muddy Mulchcore, sometimes referred to as Gunky Mulchcore, is a subgenre of mulchcore that is generally grimier than normal mulchcore. It adds elements such as:

  • mud puddles
  • worms
  • dirt under fingernails
  • slime
  • the way dirt smells
  • the bugs that hide under rocks
  • slug
  • trains
  • weird flowers (eg. monkey orchids)