Mosscore is an aesthetic similar to Cottagecore and Forestpunk. This aesthetic focuses on moss-cladded things, the most common items present being cabins, cottages and small shacks. There are a couple differences between cottagecore and mosscore and those are the fact that mosscore focuses less on farm life.


Many aesthetics can be achieved via activities. Some examples of mosscore activities would be:

  • Gathering wild fruit
  • Reading old nature books
  • Bird watching
  • Collecting flora/ fauna (mostly bugs)
  • Long walks in the woods
  • picnics on moss-covered rocks
  • Any activity that is related to observing or creating things with nature quietly


Mosscore fashion is similar to Dark Academia and Cryptidcore, but with a comfier twist (eg, plaid pants and a skirt with oxfords and a large dark green sweater and rolled down socks.)

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