Monkeycore is an aesthetic that is based on the idea of returning to the primitive state of a monkey (or, as many of the images on this page point to, the Great Apes that aren't humans. Yes, there is a difference between monkeys and apes). It often comes from the dissatisfaction with modern life and its complexities, hence the idea to return to a simple society without human systems in place and without complex thought.


Monkeycore visuals include images of trees, jungles and bananas and non-human apes, often with glitch text or impact text font. The phrase "Reject humanity return to monkey" (a play on the common white supremacist mantra: "Reject modernity, embrace tradition.") and variations of it, are often repeated among Monkeycore spaces.


  • Eating bananas
  • Climbing/swinging on trees
  • Walking on all fours
  • Pounding chest
  • Grunting and making monkey sounds


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