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Moe Swag, also called Gangstas with Waifus, is a meme aesthetic that combines elements of Gangstæxtemism with Animecore. The aesthetic consists of edits, graffitis and art of real life people with anime characters, and it also has manifestations in Rap and Hip-Hop songs inspired by Anime. It was mainly revelant during the 2010s, in 2022 when a meme featuring the song "Just The Two of Us" became popular. The real-life people portrayed in the memes are often Gangsters or people involved with Gangsta culture, rappers and problematic politicians (sometimes including terrorists), while the anime characters portrayed are often cute popular Anime characters and Neko characters.

The appeal of this meme mainly comes from the fact that it mixes reality with fiction and two completely different worlds: Gangster culture has little to nothing in common with Otaku culture.


The defining features featured in this memes are pretty simple, including:

  • Real life people with anime characters.
    • Real life people hugging, kissing, holding hands or taking a car ride with anime characters.
  • Sometimes very high quality, sometimes poor quality.
  • Sometimes, usage of filters, especially warm colors.


The music associated with this type of meme typically involves Future Funk remixes of pre-existing Rap/Hip-Hop songs, but sometimes, satirical Meme Rap songs about how someone loves anime characters so much are also made. The lyrics often consist of satirical verses that narrate feelings of romance towards fictional anime characters, and sometimes even borderline sexual lyrics. Various musical artists like Moe Shop, Hentai Dude, Shiki-TMNS, Pink Guy and MC Virgins have made songs or remixes that incorporate anime samples and culture into rap songs.

This meme aesthetic can also be noted on songs from other musical genres like Breakcore, Lolicore, Trillwave, J-core and Hardcore Techno, however not as much as in Rap. This aesthetic is associated with Nerdcore too.

Examples of Lyrics[]

"I’m a hentai superstar
I got 2D hoes, they know who we are
We look fresh to death hoppin out the car
Anime girls runnin from here and far
" ― Hentai Dude in "Superstar"



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