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Mizuiro Kaiwai (水色界隈, meaning "Aqua Community") is a Japanese aesthetic that utilizes a light blue color palette and visuals from contemporary youth in the nation. Its mood is largely pessimistic, with cold tones, slouchy clothing, and an association with Otaku culture. It also incorporates Kawaii elements, especially with mascots and girly fashion.

The community for this creates content on Instagram and Tiktok.


Before it was given any name, the aesthetic was mostly associated with Ano from the now distinct Japanese idol group You'll Melt More! as well as her fans during the mid to late 2010s. As "light blue" member of the group, she was mainly known for being a social outcast and her customized tracksuits, both which are still a recurring theme in the aesthetic even today.

In 2020, due to a tracksuit boom, a renewed interest in the aesthetic occured, causing a new peak in its popularity.


Most images in this aesthetic have been edited to be cooler toned, with a bluish-gray hue over the image. The colors in this aesthetic always include light blue (hence the name) and white. Black and silver are other common colors. Pink may show through because of the popular trend of excess blush makeup and its ubiquity in Kawaii merchandise.

Cute, minimalistic illustrations are also a popular motif in this aesthetic and very reminiscent of wabi-sabi with their wobbly outlines and unpolished look. They usually feature original characters created for purely aesthetic reasons rather than a story.

However, characters from specific anime and franchises may be featured too. People in this aesthetic may own figurines, posters, and various other merchandise centered around these characters, similar to Kawaii Gamer. A common character is Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion, and the de facto mascot is Sanrio's Cinnamoroll. Both have white and blue as their main colors, which explains their popularity.


The content creators on TikTok often create videos of them wearing the light blue outfits and dancing to fast-paced electronic dance or Vocaloid music. Commonly, these people cover up their face with stickers or use filters.

Like in other fashion-centered TikTok communities, there's also many videos where people following the aesthetic show off their latest hauls, introduce their favorite brands, or recommend specific products and where to get them.


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