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Miscellaneous Academia is an aesthetic meant for casual interests, wasting time with rabbit holes, or enjoying learning about niche subjects. For instance, being knowledgeable in conspiracy theories, bingeing Defunctland videos, deep diving into Pretty Little Liars, or perhaps being oddly fascinated with TLC's Sister Wives. While many of the other academia aesthetics focus on learning something practical or more wealthy visuals and fashion, miscellaneous academia is more casual. Instead, the focus is to have fun learning something that likely doesn't have much meaning outside the internet.


The visuals for miscellaneous academia pulls partly from after hours and comfy aesthetics.

The colors that fit best with this aesthetic is primarily based on the vibe of the individual. As a base line, neutral and simple colors may work better. This could be gray, white, black, blue, beige, or other muted colors. For darker topics, muted or dark colors can be used. For weird or chaotic interests, neons or pastels may fit better.


  • Taking a walk and listening to podcasts
  • Scaring yourself by accident
  • Knitting or crocheting while watching documentaries
  • Snacking while reading a new book
  • Bingeing commentary YouTube videos
  • Late nights in front of your computer, scrolling through tags of your favorite subject
  • Watching video essays about your latest interest with your favorite tea (or coffee!)
  • Using lamps exclusively in your room
  • Coziest sweatpants and socks
  • Hand-me-down T-shirts for a pajama top
  • Hearing rain on the roof as you sneak to the kitchen for snacks
  • Multitasking while videos or podcasts play in the background
  • Procrastinating on schoolwork and justifying it as self-care


The overall vibe of this aesthetic is casualness, so very simple clothes are key. To keep with the light chaotic undertones, which depends on one's own hyperfixations, throwing in weird earrings or niche graphic tees would work as well.

  • Sweatpants
  • Mom jeans
  • Pajama pants
  • Well-worn jackets
  • T-shirts or sweaters
  • Fuzzy socks from Walmart
  • Crocs or Docs
  • Sneakers with doodles on them
  • Scrunchies and glasses
  • Skirts or dresses with pockets
  • Business casual clothes found in thrift stores
  • Pajama shorts
  • Literally anything cozy or casual