Mid 2010s Basic tumblr is an aesthetic associated with the site from 2012-2016. The visuals and activities of the time were driven by both trends during the years and by individual users in the site. The look has a preppy, cheerful, and care-free atmosphere that catered specifically towards teenaged girls. The aesthetic utilizes bright colors, images focused on leisure and idealized adolescence, and quotes that center on relatability, performative eloquence, or cheerfulness. Despite it being called "hipster" by other parts of tumblr, its embrace of trends and lack of emphasis on vintage goods distinguishes it from true Hipster. It is also not to be confused with 2014-era tumblr, which is a grungier aesthetic that shared the same space. VSCO is a similar aesthetic, yet has a different social media platform, history, and shared brands.


  • Attractive, blonde teenagers
  • Food that is remarkably cute or trendy, such as doughnuts in different colors
  • Hipster-associated imagery such as vinyl records and quirky messages
  • justgirlythings, a blog that adds phrases that would relate to a teenaged girl's experience over related images
  • LUSH bath products
  • Starbucks lattes and frappucinos
  • Travel and adventure photographs, such as camping set-ups or foreign towns


  • Flower crowns
  • Ripped denim shorts


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