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Melodycore (or MyMelodycore) is a light feminine aesthetic based on the Sanrio character My Melody, a rabbit with a pink flowery hat. Like its twin aesthetic Kuromicore, it is also a subgenre of Sanriocore with a massive fanbase. While Kuromicore is paired dark and edgy aesthetics, Melodycore is paired with light aesthetics, like Girly Kei and Babycore, although because of its connection with Kuromicore it can occasionally be paired with darker imagery as in Dual Kawaii.


  • My Melody pictures
  • Images with pastel filters
  • White and pink color palette (sometimes pink and black)
  • Dreamlike imagery
  • Girly kei fashion
  • Hearts
  • Sweet foods
  • Ribbons and lace
  • Sparkles and glitter
  • Small backpacks (ex: pink MCM bags)
  • Melody ear headbands


Melodycore takes from girly kei and ryosangata (mainstream trendy) fashion, sometimes incorporating lolita dresses. Clothing is feminine and cute, usually accented with ribbons, bows, lace, and frills. Oversized hoodies, t-shirts, dresses, and skirts are paired with white stockings and my melody merchandise, though this rule is not solid. Shoes are usually platform boots, Mary-Janes or loafers.

Makeup is usually natural and nude, taking inspiration from Japanese TikTok trends (glossy lips, "pien" eyes, etc). Nails can be heavily decorated with girly imagery, and hairstyles can be decorated with bows, hairclips, etc.