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Trigger warning: This aesthetic has the potential to deal with bodily fluids, needles and other medical related topics. If these sort of things bother you please leave this page.

Medicalcore is an aesthetic that involves paraphernalia and the appearance of all things medical-related. This aesthetic does not aim to romanticize, fetishize, or glorify illness or medical-related trauma but aims to act as a coping mechanism for those in need of it.


Visuals include (but not limited to):

  • Needles/syringes
  • IV bags
  • Hospital beds
  • Hospital wards
  • Medicine
  • Blood, either by itself or interacting with another element of the image
  • Monitors
  • Red Cross
  • Pills

A lot of Medicalcore images take common medical imagery and provide an artistic/aesthetic twist to them, usually reducing eye strain with light colors. Some Medicalcore elements overlap with guro lolita.


Medicalcore fashion can take on a variety of appearances; surgical masks, hospital scrubs, nitrite/latex gloves, hospital gowns, lab coats, bandages, and various other medical gear (like stethoscopes, etc.), and are often in pastel colors. Band-Aids with Sanrio or other cutesy patterns are extremely popular. Some people choose to emulate the look of a sick patient with things like gas masks, eye patches, bruises (either self-inflicted or accidental), gauze and large bandages, and mobile IV bags.



Sickcore is a sub-aesthetic of Medicalcore that focuses on a sickly look, such as dark circles, a red nose, or looking too pale/skinny.


Dentalcore is an aesthetic that involves dental objects and anything dental related, like teeth, baby teeth (in a container or on a tray, sometimes on jewelry such as necklaces and earrings), brace/retainer molds and braces on teeth, etc.

For another approach, see Teethcore.


Pukecore is an aesthetic seemingly created by tumblr user pukecore. While it's composed of many different subjects, the aesthetic as a whole remains easily identifiable. Pukecore is meant to evoke feelings of "God, this is so bright and shiny that I feel like I'm about to throw up, but then after that I can just lay down on this soft blanket and play some Pokémon until I feel better." Although there are a lot of cute and bright/glittery subjects, a dark undertone is present as well (like many aesthetics listed on this wiki). It doesn't necessarily relate to eating disorders (such as bulimia nervosa), but it unfortunately can.

Genetic Disease

The Genetic Disease aesthetic is about coping with genetic diseases such as Down Syndrome and other similar conditions. However, it does not apply to individuals with conditions like Autism, ADHD, and other neurologically diverse conditions. Visual cues from this include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Coping with the symptoms of the disease
  • Helping people understand what a genetic disease means and the types of genetic diseases
  • Learning to be happy/live with the disease
  • Surgeries
  • Hospitals
  • Genetic counselors
  • Medical exams


Nursecore is an aesthetic that revolves around imagery and visuals that are associated with nurses. This may include:

  • Nurse uniforms
  • Bandages
  • Pills
  • Face mask (sometimes)
  • Pastel medical equipment
  • Other visuals in Medicalcore


Music Videos

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Abnormal Treatment


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