This aesthetic has the potential to deal with bodily fluids. If this sort of thing bothers you, you may want to consider looking at another page on this Wiki. Viewer discretion is advised.

Medicalcore is an aesthetic that involves paraphernalia and the appearance of all thing medical-related, including:

  • Needles
  • IV Bags
  • Medical Beds
  • Medical Wards/Cells
  • Blood

Visually, a lot of Medicalcore images take common medical imagery and provides an artistic twist to them.


Medicalcore fashion can take on a variety of appearances; surgical masks, hospital scrubs, nitrite gloves, hospital gowns, lab coats, bandages, and various other medical gear, and it can come, often, in pastel colors. Band-Aids with Sanrio or other cutesy patterns are extremely popular.




Sickcore is a sub-aesthetic of Hospitalcore that focuses on imitating a sickly look with makeup creating dark circles, red nose, looking too pale or too skinny.


Dentalcore is an aesthetic that involves dental objects and anything dental related.


Pukecore is an aesthetic seemingly created by tumblr user pukecore. While it's composed of many different subjects, the aesthetic as a whole remains easily identifiable. Pukecore is meant to evoke feelings of "god this is so bright and shiny that i feel like im about to throw up, but then after that i can just lay down on this soft blanket and play some pokemon until i feel better." Although there are a lot of cute and bright/glittery subjects, a dark undertone is present as well (like many aesthetics listed on this wiki).


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