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Sensitive Content Notice ⚠️
The following article contains and discusses content that may be distressing to some readers.
Reason for Warning: This aesthetic and its page contains disturbing content such as blood, gore, and body horror. Reader discretion is advised.

Meatcore is a aesthetic based on flesh, raw meat, organs, mutilation and blood. This aesthetic is centered around the cute or artistic side of the aesthetic, and sometimes employs body horror. People who participate in meatcore do not necessarily enjoy eating meat, but they may instead merely enjoy looking at it.


While Meatcore may be viewed as a strange or even disgusting aesthetic, it can be aesthetically pleasing and even deeply meaningful to the people that enjoy it. It may help reflect and express a darker side of people, similar to aesthetics like Gorecore. Additionally, because of its focus on flesh and the body it can serve as an expression of the more animalistic side of humanity (quite like Starrflesh). At the end of the day, we are all just meat, and this idea is not necessarily a scary one. For some, it helps reflect the absurdity of human existence. It is also occasionally used in association with body positivity (i.e. the idea we are all the same flesh and blood so there is no need to feel self-conscious). It has also occasionally been connected to themes of Feminism because of the idea that similar to buying and selling livestock for meat, women have historically been bought and sold for their bodies.


Meatcore bloggers may share images of meat in supermarket packages; creatures or things made of fresh meat or organs such as the small intestine; characters with extreme mutilations or in situations in which any type of meat is involved. The colors that predominate in aesthetics are intense or dark reds, cream or even reddish pinks. Closeups of meat textures may be used as backgrounds of banners, icons, etc., or used as the pattern of text in image edits. Steak is popular for its appealing marbling. Additionally, motifs of cannibalism may show up in image posts.


As meatcore is an obscure aesthetic, fashion is highly individualized. Some ways to include meatcore in one's everyday life include jewelry of meat replicas, such as earrings or necklaces that resemble steak. These are difficult to track down, but can be made oneself. Meatcore fashion may also incorporate motifs of blood, such as blood bags, blood stains or blood drips, or accessories modeled after intestines.


Meatcore bloggers enjoy going into the meat aisle at the supermarket or meat/butcher shops and taking pictures to share with their mutuals. Note that they don't necessarily need to buy the meat - taking pictures of it is fair enough. They may also enjoy discussing topics such as cannibalism and body horror.


Meatcore is primarily a visual aesthetic, however there are some popular songs which have lyrics that align with its motifs.

  • Body by Mother Mother
  • Us and Pigs by Sofia Isella
  • Animal Cannibal by Karen Skladany
  • The Tender Surrender by Eat Babies?
  • Modify by Lemon Demon
  • Blood by Billy Cobb
  • Bloodeater by Mom
  • Blow My Brains Out by Tikkle Me
  • Born To Beheaded by Mindless Self Indulgence
  • IN MY MOUTH by Black Dresses
  • Murders by Miracle Musical
  • Pete The Meat Puppet by Diesel
  • People Eater by Sodikken
  • Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge
  • The Red Means I Love You by Madds Buckley
  • The Dismemberment Song by Blue Kid
  • Meat by Poppy
  • I Feed by Steampianist


Generally, meatcore playlists tend to be made up of various popular songs of different sounds that have lyrics relating to meat, blood, cannibalism, or mutilation. Attempts to categorize the sound have been made, which may end up as dark industrial metal or cheery, vintage-sounding songs with dissonant dark lyrics. Honestly, this aesthetic is so niche and visual that one may listen to whatever music they're into and call it fleshcore.