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Content warning: This aesthetic and its page contains disturbing content such as blood, gore, and body horror. Reader discretion is advised.

Meatcore is a aesthetic based on flesh, juicy meat, organs, mutilations and blood. Usually the aesthetics try to get the cute and/or artistic side of the flesh; sometimes using concepts like body horror.


Usually we can find meat in supermarket packages; creatures or things made of fresh, meat or organs such as—for example—the small intestine; characters with extreme mutilations or in situations in which any type of meat is involved. The colors that predominate in aesthetics are intense reds, dark reds, cream or even reddish pinks.


they can only be identified by lyrics, which make mainly reference to flesh, murder, cannibalism, blood, deterioration of the human mind/body or just gore. Although they are also usually indie.

  • Body by Mother Mother
  • Animal Cannibal by Possibly in Michigan
  • The Tender Surrender by Eat Babies?
  • Modify by Lemon Demon
  • Blood by Billy Cobb
  • Bloodeater by Mom
  • Blow My Brains Out by Tikkle Me
  • Born To Beheaded by Mindless Self Indulgence
  • IN MY MOUTH by Black Dresses
  • People Eater by Sodikken

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